Oct 24, 2010

NaNo Plan-o: Time-o

Inspired by the NaNo University Guide to Life (for students), I am making myself a loose schedule. I am doing this in an effort to find every fifteen or thirty minute opportunity and take advantage of it. I believe knowing my opportunities ahead of time will allow me to stay focused  instead of looking back at a missed opportunity and feeling regret.

I know I operate well with seven hours of sleep. On October 31, I work 3-midnight, as soon as I get home I am checking in with my TPR peeps for a pep talk and then leaving the CentralTim-, MT- and PT-ers behind so I can make the most of it finally being November 1. It's reasonable to assume that I will have Monday, Nov 2, off since I'll be on my eighth day of work at that point. This means I can stay up as late as possible getting in my 1,666. So, with Monday off, I need to get another 1,666 before I go to sleep. I am not sure what Tuesday holds, but I'll probably work 5am to 1pm. Then I'll come home, take a nap, get up, write for an hour, go to class (where I plan to write some more), come home and fulfill my 1,666(+).

As you can see, this plan is full of a lot of tentatives, but I think of NaNo as a living thing, my pet for November. I've discovered it's best to have a routine for pets. Take them for their morning jog, afternoon run, and evening jog at the same time each day. Just like their exercises, potty-time and dinner should be at the same day after day. They like it, so will NaNo. Deviation is certainly acceptable and it's those extra 15 or 30 min windows I intend to use as make-up (or get-ahead) time.

Come here, NaNo.





Play dead.

Okay, now we can snuggle.

Good, NaNo. Have a Swedish Fish.

Oh hey, NaNo wanted me to tell you that I made a vlog the other day. I made a NaNo-on-the-go kit, for when you take your NaNo on a walk.


  1. Love that metaphor. But who are the ct mt and pters?

    Go, J!

  2. LOL - love treating NaNo like a pet...tis a good idea.

    ct mt pters - Central time Mountain time Pacific Time zones. Since NaNo starts midnight in your time zone, I'm guessing he means he'll stop chatting with them and start writing.

  3. I am so excited about "watching" you do this! Go, Jonathon!

  4. Of course, Meg! Thanks. Time zones are the bane of my internet existence. I guess I am in denial.

  5. Love the pet analogy, Jon! I hope your NaNo wants to go on extra walks this month, or begs to be let outside more than usual.

  6. ROFL! That pet analogy just jumped out at me from left field! I was totally rolling around on the floor with it, while it licked my face like crazy. Good times!

    And ITA with the routines thing--if you've already decided (and you're prepared with your NaNo to Go kit) you can take advantage of every little extra minute.

    Woot! Come on NaNo! Jon's ready! (and I am too!)

  7. It's great to take advantage of the little bits of time we have, especially when we work. Good luck.