Oct 21, 2010

NaNo video, first of several *fingers crossed*


  1. You are totally forgiven. And your kit is flat out awesome. I need a troll pencil.

  2. All you need to do is pack the swedish fish in snack baggies and then place one baggie at at time in your kit! Love the kit!
    Good luck to you! I think you are set.
    I've never done nano, and I love that you can print off a workbook for it! I should do it one day. But not this year!

  3. Aw, J!!!! I heart you! You're so cute! I love swedish fish, but mostly, I love anything sweet (like you!) Love the kit. I think mine would also have to have a cold can of Coke zero and a straw....

  4. Another piece of magic from Jon Arntson. Loooove the newly prioritized finances notebook.

    I was going to ask why Swedish Fish are called Swedish Fish, but Wikipedia answered it for me. Instant gratification is decent... but I miss the mystery.

    Your NaNo journey - I bow to you. Ganbatte kudasai.

  5. M - I think that troll pencil came in my stocking many years ago and I thought, "Wow, thanks." But look how it came in handy after all.

    Kelly - I suggest printing off the workbook or parts of it just to see the process. They also have middle school and elementary school versions too!

    Carol - Swedish Fish are one of the rare non-Reese's candies that I like. For whatever reason, I just don't like most candy (that goes double for Coke Zero :P I'm a Diet Dr Pepper boy).

    Robert - Now I need to look it up, I don't know. Thanks for liking the vlog. I get so nervous, especially when I only got the one take.

  6. I'm gonna go with Twizzlers instead of fish. I find fish to be too sticky in my teeth. Old school red Twizzlers. The new different flavors are awful!! But I haven't bought any. I plan to beg/borrow/steal from my kids' Halloween baskets. Funny that this is occupying such a large part of my NaNo prep. How to get my candy fix. The kids shouldn't eat it all anyway. Was that booze or water in the bottle? Either could work, I guess. I hope you have an emergency NaNo kit too, you know, one you break with a fire ax if you get desperate!!

  7. Yay! So cool. Like the NaNo on the go kit. Think it is a bit of brilliance. I hadn't even thought of going anywhere with NaNo. Now I must consider.

  8. It is So Much Fun watching you on this video! Your kit rocks and I hope you have a good time with it. I've got my own version of this writing event happening. Only mine lasts all year, every year and totally kicks my butt.

    About your hair...I'm actually attracted to bald guys (fortunately, Husband is losing his hair)...somebody for everybody and all that. I also like big noses...not that I think your nose is big. I actually can't picture it, so it must not be.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  9. Yay! I love the nano kit! I totally need one too but I am way too not organised to sit down and plan it out. Hehe.

    Swedish Fish also confused me for a moment until, like Robert, I totally wikipedia'd its beehind. Sweets that look like fish, huh? COOLZ.

  10. Heather - Twizzlers?! Ew. Red Vines kick Twizzler's ass. Oh, and the bottle totally contains vodka.

    Tina - You HAVE to leave the house during NaNo, at least once a week.

    Anita - I'm not bald! I just have a buzzed head. Jeez. :P

    Mia - I buy my Swedish Fish at IKEA. Also, my last name is Swedishish (Norwegian, so not really Swedish), so I am surrounded by the Scandinavian.

  11. Holy ginormous bag of Swedish Fish man!

    And ... I LOVE YOU!!! I've missed your previous vlogs (sniff, sniff. so sad now) so I loved SEEING you!!

    Oh, and I have that same calculator. :)

    My NaNo on the go kit contains one thing: My stupendous MacBook Pro. (Yes, I'm rubbing it in!) With a battery life that rocks my world, my little lappy goes wherever I go that I think I might end up with a few extra minutes!

  12. Loved the vlog, Jon!! I didn't see any chocolate in that kit. I guess you could buy some since you've got money in the kit, and no worries about finances since you've appropriated that notebook. I also was intrigued by the Swedish Fish. Thanks, Robert, for doing the research.

    I'd totally be your NaNo friend if I was doing NaNo. Maybe next year the timing will be right.