Oct 19, 2010

Why I Write or I Like to Babble (About Myself)

Yesterday, I totally had a why-do-I-write moment. This one was different than the others. In the past, it's always been about not having enough talent, skills, and know-how to be a writer. This time, however, it was simply why do I write. Why do I love it so much? What compels me to pursue a career as an author when it seems like I am perpetually one step forward, two steps back. Let me tell you that I am way too good at justificationfests. I can spin things anyway I want them, my subconscious suppressed into silence.

Fortunately, my subconscious would not succumb to the oppression. There was a full-blown rebellion in my brain. My basket-case conscious can no longer be a tyrant and my subconscious has to have its say.

And a say it has had.

I write because I have a voice. I like my voice and I want others to hear my voice. It's not necessarily opinions I want to share with my writing, but views. Ways of looking at things. When someone finishes a book of mine, I want them to have the feeling they just walked in someone else's shoes. Perspective.

Hm... why else do I write.

I write because I am surrounded by the likes of Elana Johnson and Dianne Salerni and after one convo with those two, you cannot help but want to write.

I write because Tina, Heather, Marisa, and Dena build me up. They are the first people to support me and get me. The first in my entire life. Yeah, that sounds overly dramatic, but it's true. Some folks have given me blind support when they do not understand what it is that I want to do (parents, sibs, friends) but these gals have given me direction, companionship, and, most importantly, a future.

I write because it feels right.

I write because I'm sometimes good at it.

I write because pen to paper brings on passion unlike anything else in my life.

I write because of you.

I write for me.


  1. Yes! To all these things! Keep writing love. You have a lot of amazing things to say. I've never given a lot of thought to why I write, but I'll just poach your reasons. They make total sense.

  2. You certainly do have a voice! My "why" is very similar to yours - I love it and I'm sometimes good at it. :-)

  3. Great post, Jon! Reading your list is helping me to remember why I write. Thank you :-)

  4. I love this, Jon! And I'm glad you write and blog and have such an amazing personality. Keep writing!! :-)

  5. Woo! I love the reasons you write! Babble all day~I'll read it:)

  6. Love this! I remember a friend of mine once said that she wrote because if she didn't her head would explode. That's another good answer.

  7. Carol - I have a feeling I'll always turn to writing, no matter the label I give myself.

    Anna - It feels good to be good at it sometimes, doesn't it?

    Paul - Yw!

    Shannon - Keeping at it, for sure!

    Candace - I sure do like to babble... I'll advise you to not encourage me, though.

    Alissa - Yes, that is indeed a very good answer! :P

  8. Hi Jonathon! I'm a new follower.

    I write because it's fulfilling and when I see a page full of words where none used to exist, and now do because of me, it's really gratifying.

    Even if it all gets cut later :)

  9. I'm honored to be a support in your writing life (and maybe IRL too?) and you know that you are the same in mine. What goes around you know. And now that the demons have been wrestled, WRITE ON!!

  10. Great reasons to write. I'll try to remember them on my down days when I wonder why I do.

  11. Aw, my and my 3yo are loving your happy music!!

    Also, YAY, it is great that you know why you write... Make sure you print it out and keep it where you can see it... it is so easy to forget what is so lovable about writing on the days when only slime is produced or when you're almost done with a book and you realize the revisions will be so extensive you'll pretty much have to start over from the beginning...

    and also YAY, so glad I'm part of your support system, Jon, because you KNOW you're a huge part of mine!!! <3!

  12. Your voice soars through the blogosphere. It soars through your writing. I'm excited for when it's soaring through the great, big, reading world.

  13. Oh no. I have no idea why I write.

  14. Happy music! Happy picture too. And what does the french mean?

    And you make my writing life great. With words, support and music!

    And yo, what that owl in glasses said!