May 28, 2011

Go Kristen! And Variousness


My friend and crit partner, Kristen Yard, writes the most chilling and awkward stories. Her brain works in ways mine is not even capable of and sometimes that leads to me giving a really bad crit. But, when she explains the scenario to me, it's like, "Duh, how did I not get that...?" 

My skills as a crit partner and as a writer have grown in such unexpected ways by being friends with Kristen, a partnership that is sure to last for years. I, and anyone who wants to write creepy, have a lot to learn from her. Here's proof: SHADES OF GREY, by Kristen Yard.

And she's purdy.


I am going to see The Hangover 2 tomorrow. So. Excited.

I started a Tumblr...even though I cannot figure anything out to save my life. I want to add my twitter feed, but have no idea how. I am not even sure why I started an account other than the fact that all the other cool kids are doing it and their pages are so nice and streamlined. Tahereh's is extraordinarily funny and Ali's is adorable and informational. 

I think my biggest reservation with Tumblr is that I have no idea how to connect with the audience I don't yet have. Ali 'liked' one of the few posts I have on there and I JUST figured out how to 'like' something (click the heart for those who were wondering).

I can't afford to spend too much time trying to figure out Tumblr. Kelly and I are going for a TKO with our manuscript and so far she's been pulling all the punches. Looks like it's my turn to jump in the ring, "At the ready!"


  1. Jon, If you go to add a gadget. Type in twitter and they have it there. All you have to do is click and install it. If I can do you can.
    Of course I have to actually use twitter more to have it update. I think I will go tweet something

    Pamela Jo

  2. Looks like lots of good stuff here I need to link to...will come back after I get some sleep. :)

  3. Jon, I was playing with tumblr, and it's pretty simple to add comments. From the Dashboard, go to Help (on the Account drop down menu) and how to add comments is the first item on the FAQs.

    I still couldn't figure out how to add the twitter gadget.

  4. Oooh, I like chilling. Also, now I'm feeling dumb about tumblr too. I don't do anything with it. Just post pictures so they'll feed to twitter... #crap

  5. My eyes are tearing up. You are such a good friend and a wonderful crit partner that I have learned a lot from. Thank you for posting this, love you!

  6. Awwww...Jon you are a speshul friend to Kristen. In fact, I'm a little jealous. *turns green*