May 7, 2011

Searching for Saturday

Do you get bored like I do? Well, that's because we are lazy. I went looking for some local beauty.

I have posted beautiful pictures of my area plenty of times, but they never get old...

If I'd had a Nikkon, you'd be able to see Ludington's lighthouse and some of the town through the haze.

So go and see what you can find within ten miles of your house.


  1. It is interesting that we spend so much time dreaming of far off lands, we forget what's right around the corner.

    What a nice Saturday morning you had!

  2. Nice pictures! I'm close to the Charles River. I hope I can always live near water.

  3. Beautiful! And I love seeing your smile!

    Today, I have to stick to the yard mostly, but will try to get out for a bike ride, too. I'll take a camera, if I do.

    I hope you're a great weekend!

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Every new comment for my very first post is such a thrill! I don't know if people are getting my replies if I comment back on my blog. I signed up to follow you. You're very witty and kewl! I love to shop at the dollar stores, and I have to restrain myself sometimes because I could go broke if I buy everything I like! I bet you get first dibs on the good stuff that comes in, huh?

  5. Gorgeous. I love that you take advantage of the beauty where you live. I NEED to do this more often. I sign up for photo workshops in DC once every few months so I HAVE to go out and explore/admire.

  6. Love the pictures. I miss living so close to the lake.