May 11, 2011

Twitter Loves Me?

Why, it sure does!

5pm I rejoin Twitter. Heather was there to greet me, flowers in hand. I roll my eyes.
9pm I have 10 or so followers. I remembered why I liked Twitter.
12am I am at 25 followers and I logged off.

11am I log back onto find I had 48 followers, I tweet "Anyone think I can reach 100 followers within 24 hours? Six hours to go." Some wish me luck, others call me crazy. Kris calls me cocky and I LOL.
noon I make it to 50...uh, not the start I was looking for.
1pm 60 I offer up chocolate to one luck follower if I make to 100 by 5.
2pm 65 
4pm 70 
4:15 73 "45 mins to go! And I need 27 followers! Who wants ?? Spread the word. "
4:30 88
4:45 88
4:50 88
4:55 88
5:00 91 "Okay, Twitter, here's the dealio. 9 away an it's just past 5. I'll give you an extension. "
5:05 I leave my house for dinner with my sister and my nieces 6th grade band concert.
10:00pm I get home to find my computer has crashed in the time I was gone. I restart it.
midnight TWO hours later.................and it is still not working. It logs on after about twenty minutes, but will only load one thing at a time. Gmail wins and Twitter loses. I fall asleep waiting for the "repair wizard" or whatever to run.
8:00am My phone is ringing, I answer it, a loved one is in the hospital. I pace around the house, make coffee, and pet the doggies for comfort. And my computer still will not start I text Heather, she comforts me more. 
9:20 I call my bro-in-law for help with the comp. Thick, black clouds roll in.
10:50, right now It's been raining, lightning, and thundering. That would be awesome, if it weren't such a bizarre day. Things will be fine. Yes they will be.

Today's twitter game is , so join in and help make my day more fun!

Oh and I MADE it past 100, so I will randomly choose a winner later today on Twitter!


  1. Twitter does love you. And so do we. And I don't really think you're cocky. :) I hope all is well with your loved one.

  2. Did you ever say how many followers you ended up with? Because I think you were at 115 when I got up this am. So, at some point in there, you made it!

  3. 100+ on the first day? You are the man!
    And I hope all is well with your friend/fam in the hospital.

  4. Hope everything is ok with your family member. I am definitely impressed. 100 followers in one day. You da man.

  5. You are nuts! Give us an update on the loved one. I can't wait to start Twitter! Working hard to get revisions done. Only stopping to snack and blog and snack.

  6. I love using Twitter, but it can be such a distraction! I can't believe you got 100 followers in 24 hours. It took me a week to get that high! Any suggestions on how to master it? Aside from hashtags?