May 13, 2011

An Inadvertent Hiatus

Since my computer has crashed and I am sending it in for repairs, I will only be able to use a computer when one   from around the house is available. I am taking this time to focus on getting ready for school and writing. Therefore, I will be infrequently blogging and rarely tweeting.

In just a few weeks, several exciting things are taking place, all of which revolve around Elana Johnson and the June 7 release of Possession! She has a tour going on right now - make sure you go check out the awesome posts listed at her blog. Thankfully, I signed up for the last post.

Check ya later.


  1. So sorry your computer has crashed. That's good that you're taking advantage of the down time and getting other things done. Looking forward to your new blogs when you're up and running again!

  2. Hey Jon, I hope you get your computer back soon. From what you've written it sounds like you're taking summer classes. Good luck with those, and the writing too!!

  3. I smell an international conspiracy here. Some higher powers have sabotaged your computer.