May 12, 2011

Update from the day of suck

Yeah, yesterday equaled suck, but today is going alright. The loved one is home, thank you for the thoughts of hope and kindness.

Twitter: I randomly picked writer J.F. Jenkins from my Twitter followers as the winner of a token of appreciation in the form of chocolate. I picked out something really cute for her from

Computer: My computer is officially in trouble. There's one possible fix, but I may lose most of my work. Um, not crying over it...I want to, but I am not going to. Thankfully, my current projects are on Google Docs.

Life: I am heading back to the state park today, not for a run, but for a casual stroll. I'll be collecting my thoughts and figuring out how I can finally get ahead after 25 years of playing catch up.

"What do you do when you see Madonna walking down the street?" #childhoodmemories


  1. If you need catching up, then I'm in serious trouble. Don't think so hard, just take it in.

    I'm glad your loved one's better!

  2. Dude..I totally understand the "catching up" feeling, I really do. Hugs!

  3. Glad your loved one is better!

    Sometimes when you're catching up, you see stuff you wouldn't have seen had you been first in line. And I'm not talking about everyone else's butt. Hmmm, this is supposed to be a supportive comment and I've talked about butts.

    Did you smile at least?

    I guess I just mean that sometimes you are where you're supposed to be. Even if you don't know it at the time.


  4. Oh, and by the way, I wanted to BE Madonna in high school. Lacey gloves and all. I think I might faint if I saw her in the street. Or whip out the smartphone and take a paparazzi photo to post on the blog. #childhoodmemories

  5. Yeah, I'm in a week of suckage, too. And saving my work in an online program has saved me more than once! Hope things get better!