Apr 15, 2011

M is for Meet Me Halfway

Anita and Heather are chatting (and there's a fun video involved)!

Me: Ugh, I am over school and zero mullah.

Myself: Ugh, I am over crappy jobs and zero mullah.

Me: Yeah, well you don't have to work on homework over forty hours a week.

Myself: Yeah, well you don't have to wait on annoying customers, mop, and stock milk twenty hours a week.

Me: I thought you quit...

Myself: Oh, I did. I start as a waiter on Monday.

Me: Sweet.

Myself: Yeah, I know.

Me: Whatta ya say?

Myself: Meet me half way?

I: Finally.


  1. Believe it or not, someday you will look back fondly on these days. :)

    Have fun with your new job as a waiter. Best research ever for a writer -- a treasure trove of characters just waiting to be mined!

  2. You do work so hard! (I'm impressed)

    But listen to Anita song - it's not about the mullah! :)

  3. I'm glad you're meeting yourself halfway. There's a whole lot of us who would be happy to go even further.

  4. My conversations with myself include a lot of swear words, so my impression of you and you is that you're both doing great.

  5. Enjoy your weekend off! :) Off to see Anita's moves.

  6. Yes one day, these will be the best days of me and myself's life.