Apr 21, 2011

R is for R&R

I have always thought R&R meant rest and relaxation, but I recently discovered it's a military term that actually means Rest and Recuperation. I love the power of words. Relaxation is banal while recuperation is more vivid and implies the recuperator is on the mend from some drawn out battle. (Thank you, servicemembers, for your hard work and sacrifice!)

According to Wiki, R&R can also mean:
rescue and resuscitation
read and review (as in book bloggers...who knew?)
recent and relevant
resettlement and rehabilitation (when would you ever use that?)

Other than the last one, I think the phrase "we can all use a little R&R" is absolutely true in any of these cases. 

Speaking of rescue and resuscitation, your comments on my plea for a butt-kicking are sinking in and I have mapped some things out in my mind. And now to get those thoughts onto Google Docs...


  1. I knew that about the recuperation, but I think you make an excellent point that it is such a more ... direct word, than relaxation. Relaxation is great, but it doesn't stir a very vivid image in the mind.

    Good stuff to remember when we write.

  2. I'd use the last R&R definition if I taking Earth back from alien forces. Like, "Alright everyone. It's time for the aliens to go. First we use the Lasers of Absolute destruction. Next, we move on to some R&R."

  3. I think Tracey's comment goes well with Matthew's icon.

  4. Some R&R sounds very good about now.

  5. R&R would definitely be good now, either the rest or the reading.