Apr 19, 2011

P is for Potatoes, Peanut Butter, and Pork

After a string of paltry self-reflective posts, it is clear I need to move on. I believe the best way to move on is to talk about food. I have a lot of favorite foods and even more least favorite foods. Today, I'd like to celebrate the foods I love that start with the letter P.

baked, boiled, fried, mashed, salad, scalloped, twice-baked, twice-baked mashed

Peanut butter:
ANYTHING Reese's, in and on ice cream, J-E-L-L-O Peanut Butter Squares, on Oreos, pb cheesecake, Peanut Butter M&M's, straight from from the jar

Pan crust with pepperoni, ground beef (NOT sausage), extra green olives, and extra black olives. And I like the edges blackened. If one cm2 of that pizza is soggy, I will not touch it. Occasionally, I'll order a supreme.

Easter's this week. Need I say more?

Did I leave out any variations? Do you have a favorite food that starts with the letter P? Chances are it's one of my least favorites.


  1. Seriously, who can live without pizza and peanut butter!! :)

  2. Pie. My husband makes the best pie ever. He'll make like eight of them for Easter...pumkin, apple and a surprise. Boy is so excited about it...he loves pumpkin pie and will eat about half of one over Easter weekend...and he'll burn off the calories in about ten seconds.

  3. Oh my word, I love food posts.

    Clearly, we were meant to be.

    Also, what's up with P? It's like the best food letter. Don't forget plantains. Have you ever had them fried? I make this soup called sopa de bolas with these little plantain balls (mashed plantains formed into balls stuffed with a meat filling). It's outrageously good.

  4. From your peanut butter section, I think that we might just get along fine. Maybe even become friends. I'm in a weird mood today. :)

  5. Oh, and Anita, I'll be eating the other half of your husband's pumpkin pie this weekend, and Carol--have you ever had plantains (I think) dipped in chocolate? Trying to remember if they were fried to begin with. Hmmm.

  6. What's the deal with pork? It's like crack or something. So dirty, but so good.

  7. I could totally come over to your house for dinner anytime (don't mind me, I'm just picking off the olives).

    Pancakes (especially spread with lemon curd and topped with blueberry compote, but those take forever to make, so just syrup works, too).

    (since I won a book from you, you're welcome to stop over to our blog today and try to win one from us!)

  8. Pomegranates, Pickles, Pistachios, Parmesan, Pepper... some of the best words do start with P!

    And I'm right there with ya on your list, except olives on the pizza, and I only like peanut butter in conjunction with chocolate!

  9. I'm getting verrrrry hungry now.

  10. I never realized that I eat the same things over and over and over until I started logging my diet with an app. Pizza tops the list!

  11. I'll agree with everything but pork. I'm a vegetarian.