Apr 29, 2011

Y is for ...Yes?

Anita is "finishing" up her Earthling Hero tour today at Project Middle Grade Mayhem!

A friend recently told me I am a scaredy-cat and I need to start saying yes to more things. And I have a ridiculous example. Yesterday the cafe on campus was closed because it's the end of the semester. In place of the cafe, the student council has a cookout of hot dogs, hamburgers, and BBQ(<---shamefully, I don't even know what that is*). One of my classmates saw me walking and she's like, "Take some food!" 

This was in the lounge, by the way, so there were like fifty other students around, half of whom stopped and looked between me and the yeller. I froze...I looked around at the food, which was taking up four folding tables (it was a lot of food) and I just froze up. I was not connecting the dots in my head hot dog + bun + ketchup = blah. And so I said, "I gotta go," which was technically true because I was an hour and a half away from taking an exam I had yet to study for and the textbook was at my house.

I start walking toward the door, in this giant room, and she asks me why I am not taking anything. I had the perfect reason: it was pouring rain outside and I am one of those who park their car in the furthest corner of the parking lot. How could I possibly take two made up hot dogs across half a mile, when I already had a backpack, a half empty thermos of coffee, and my nerves? Yeah, no.

Then, I got home, and I rreeaallyy wanted one of those freaking hot dogs.

I need to learn to say yes.

* My Southern friends are rolling their eyes at this


  1. LOL. I don't think I've ever turned down food. I need to start learning to say "no." :)

  2. Forget the hot dog. You really should have taken some BBQ. ;)

  3. I think I would have gone for the BBQ. But sometimes nothing beats a hot dog. I had one at a baseball game the other day and it was the best lunch ever.

  4. It just occurred to me that all gay men including myself crave hot dogs. And you're right, you need to take one home with you instead of make it. There's no substitute.

  5. I'm Southern and I don't like BBQ. People often give me crap about it.

    But, seriously, you didn't know what it was? I can't wrap my mind around that. Sometimes I have to remind myself that other states in the union do not relish Elvis food.

  6. Well, sometimes saying no is a good thing. Take my husband, who would have eaten three then complained about a stomach ache thirty minutes later. :)

  7. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Fortunately, I think you're one of those people who remembers stuff like this incident. You'll remember the hot dog. You'll remember how you wished you'd grabbed one, and next time you'll take what's offered to you.

    And now I want a hot dog.

  8. I would never say no to free food! Jon, Jon, Jon.
    Now I have a taste for hot dogs too. Will make that for lunch for the fam tomorrow since dinner is already in the crockpot...
    One more week - you can do it!
    We will tackle SE and Skype the week after next! (well I'll work on SE a bit, but you wait till your college classes are over!)