Apr 16, 2011

N is for New Beginnings (or not)

Wouldn't that make a nice post? N is for New Beginnings... But you see, I have rebooted myself too many times, there are no new beginnings left. But that's okay because I finally realized there's no need for new beginnings in my life. I need new courses, plans, and directions, for sure.

Instead, let's try a new motto, a new direction, and the same old me? Well, I tried that. Yes, I did. It didn't totally pan out, but pieces of that mindset linger in my mind today. And so I am taking those little bits and putting them back together to rekindle the motto:

I am not going through the same rigmarole that I went through last September, but the idea is that I am choosing to live up to my expectations of myself, rather than give up altogether. Last year the theme song was "Shut Up and Let Me Go" from The Ting Tings. And the new theme song is...

(links to YouTube video)

On I go, playing it loud and living up!


  1. Good for you! And you made me smile, the idea of one so young with nothing left, I'm in my seventies and I'm still inventing myself and enjoying every minute of it. Hugs..

  2. yes, new beginnings always sounds like giving up on things when you didn't know how to control them. I'm always for the braver approach: dealing with what you have with responsibility and courage :)

  3. Sounds like you've got a good plan in place. And sticking with it sounds great.

  4. Your new song sounds like you've found a good place to be!

  5. Whew...reading this took me like a half-hour...I got sidetracked on youtube trying to find a song for my first Anita versus Kelly dance-off! Anyway, I think you're perfect just the way you are. :)