May 17, 2010

Music on Monday, another video, and a favor

(AKA an excessively long and convoluted post)

As you may have gathered by now, I am fanatical about music.  Music provides an interesting dynamic to my writing experience.  At first, my playlists consisted of songs that I like, which is clearly a good place to start.  As my characters developed, however, my playlists became more specific to their tastes.  Some of my original choices remain, but the lists are ever changing.  Justin, my dark-minded MC has an affinity for nineties music.  So for this Music on Monday, I am starting the week of with a few songs from Justin's playlist, especially because I am channeling him right now and I need to harness his energy whenever I can and keep the momentum going.  Speaking of energy, here's the first song:

"Amber" 311 
(Yes, purists, I know this is not from the nineties.)

Justin likes this song because it is happy and he is not.  It's euphoric and dreamy and the perfect song to listen to whilst getting high.  Plus he thinks the lead singer is hot.

"Steppin Razor" Sublime
(I know the fanvid sounds weird, but that's really how the song sounds.  This is not the music video)

Justin is a steepin razor, someone quick to fight/a hotshot, so listening to calming music is a must for him.  Thank goodness one of his favorite bands covered such a soothing song.

"The Background" Third Eye Blind
(I suggest pulling out your old CDs or cassettes for a better version.  This is not the music video.)

Justin thinks this band is a little wimpy and listens to them in the closet, where he hopes to stay.

Another randomly awesome video full of humor and uber-talent:

(Also, I know I have heard the song Jackson covers, but I cannot remember who it is...)

A favor:
My best friend needs to find blogs that are resources for teens moving out of their house or going away to college.  If in your vast reservoirs of knowledge you know of such places, please email me any links or blog titles you think may be applicable.  Thank you and my email is on the top of the right sidebar.


  1. Interestin' stuffs... and a cool space in here!

    Good day!

  2. I love that you are doing this, that you're 'channeling' Justin. His taste in music is very interesting to me, it's quite the dichotomy with who he really is. I'm waiting to see how his story unfolds.

    I'll look around for any such blogs, and if I find some I'll be sure to pass them along. :)

  3. One thing I have never done is listen to music while I write or try to connect music to my writing in any way. I hear about people who do this all the time, but I've never tried it, even though I know I should. I used to be fanatic about music when I was younger, but now I'm stuck on one band and I'm happy there - too lazy to branch out and find other bands I like. Man, did I get old!

  4. ooh, I just did a playlist post too :)
    My characters have to listen to what I like- because most of them live in another century.

  5. Windowlad - Thank!

    Crystal - As always, thanks for the great compliment!

  6. Susan - I don't really branch out re: music, either, it just sort of falls in my lap.

    Lily - I am on my way to check it out. I am of the philosophy that music transcends time periods. Have you seen Marie Antoinette? That movie is amazing, plus the music is incredible and completely irrelevant to the time period. Instead, the music focuses on mood and the characters. That's what I do. If your characters are from a different time and you want to choose their favorite music, it doesn't matter when they live, choose music from any time.

  7. that writers block video is to funny

  8. Great songs. Plus the Writers Block vid was great:)

  9. I'm so enjoying your journey into Justin's psyche. Great stuff! And, clearly, Tina needs to step in and make some people UNPLUG!!! Loved the Writers Block video!

  10. I love, love, love Third Eye Blind.
    I've heard of Sublime and 311, but not those songs. Mellow, relaxing songs for sure!
    Jackson Pearce's vlogs are always so creative and funny! I hadn't seen this one! Man, hers looks like a real music video! And she has a great voice! I love how she used the cents sign for her c in Jackson!

  11. Jackson is so cute! Love her videos!