May 5, 2010

WIBIJ?! and a summer movie


Be there

1:00 pm EST

or be square...

...and without prizes and awesomeness.  If you cannot make the 'timed' race, you may follow the clues until 1pm EST on Thursday because best comment wins you a prize too!  Come support debut authors and show them your smart, writerly self.  Oh, and none of that sorry 'I missed it', silliness.  Like I said, you have a full  24 hours to play at your leisure. J


Beastly.  This movie looks surprisingly good.  With Niel Patrick Harris as a blind man and the use of my #02 Favorite Song of All-time, it's a shoe in!  Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, so we'll see what happens on my list of fave movies.  Don't worry, I won't be posting that any time soon.


  1. WIBIJ looks SO fun. I hope I don't get busy at work and miss it!

  2. I'll be at WIBIJ...late per usual. I have to up my wittiness in comments today!
    That movie does look kinda good! And Yay Neil Patrick Harris! I love him!
    Was than an Olsen twin in the trailer?

  3. Beastly looks like a wicked cool movie. An adult Beauty and the Beast kickoff. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. You better believe I will be there.

  5. That movie looks fantastic! I'll have to check out what WIBIJ is. Although, it's 4 PM. I think I may have missed it. But I'll click and see!

  6. Well, I clicked and kept getting an error. I take it it's no longer up :(

  7. Carolina, I fixed the broken link!

  8. Beastly looks SO good!! I wasn't keen on the book (well, I might have been, but after the first couple of chapters, I stopped reading) but the movie seems much edgier and cooler.

    and also your blog makeover is AWESOME! Love that owl!

  9. I'm loving the owl on top of your blog! And I definitely got sucked into that trailer. And sucked into WIBIJ! What fun!

  10. This one looks surprisingly good to me as well. I kind of can't wait to see it. And now I need to order the book.