May 17, 2010

Suck it Cali, Fla, Txs, and all u othr Midwest h8rs

Wow, typing in txt speak is so much harder on a QWERTY.  Okay, so I am just being silly and provocative.  But seriously folks: hot chick, first Arab-American Miss USA, and she's from Michigan.  Holla.  And yes, she was a pole dancer.  
Fakih, seen competing in the swimsuit portion of the competition, beat out 50 other contestants. CLICK IMAGE FOR SOME MORE OF THE BEST MOMENTS FROM THE SHOW.

Okay, back. to. writing!!  FINALLY.

And since I am writing again why not another song from Justin's playlist?

"Live Forever" Oasis
It's the song Justin listens to every time he thinks of putting a razor to his wrist.


  1. Justin - Put that razor away!

    Miss Michigan is stunning! But why do these beautiful women decide to degrade themselves and work at gentlemen's clubs? And I use the term gentlemen loosely. :)

  2. Kelly - I know! I am not even sure how she was allowed in the competition...oh well. Don't worry 'bout Justin, he'll be fine.

  3. ...just a hunch, but I'm thinking she can now retire from pole-swingin:)

  4. Great choice of music my friend!

    Now - why would she retire from swinging around the pole.....NOW SHE CAN MAKE A BOMB!!! Do you think she needs a treasurer? Jon - you can organise the popcorn (know you love it SO much) and I'LL Organise the tickets...? WHADAYASAY?

  5. Jon, don't be an elitist and act like you've never been a pole dancer...

  6. Let's put some meat on that girl's bones. Really.

    I can't wait until pole dancing breaks free from the gentlemen's club circuit and goes mainstream. Olympic Event anyone? It takes serious balance and talent...

  7. I'm not into these events anymore. Not that I ever really was. They're just too political now. Congrats on your state winning, Jon.

  8. Elliot - Good hunch.

    Ann - Um.

    Dena - Not professionally.

    H - LOL!

    Rena - Thanks for the congrats, but I didn't even know she had won until I saw the news headline about the pole dancing competition. Once I found out she had one I thought it was for last year, not this past weekend. I am not as behind on the times as I thought I was.

  9. She is seriously pretty.

    Anywho, I remember this song, it's like way old isn't it? Because I think I remember listening to it in jr. high. Way back when. Or I just might have the worst possible memory ever.

    I want to see Justin triumph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    there, I think I've emphasized (spell check me Jon) that enough. :) Hope you're doing well friend, yay for the writing!

    And WIBIJ is on tomorrow right?

  10. You should be Michigan's official spokesperson. You do a better job bigging up Michigan than even Miss Michigan does, seriously.

  11. Holy cow! Could she be any skinnier? She is stunning but way, way too thin.

    I love the new blog look Jon! ;-)

  12. hehe awesome! i just read about this actually -- and she wasn't really pole-dancing, apparently. it was an all-girls even and she was wearing shorts and a tank top. who knows.

    great post! congrats on the win for your state!!

  13. Yea Michigan and hot Lebanese chicks!

    True story: Went to a strip club in college and when one of the girls came over to our table to chat us up in the hopes of separating us from our money I, not knowing how to make conversation with a stripper, said, "You're pretty good on that pole."

    I'm smooth like that.

    Funny this is she totally took it as a compliment.

  14. Oh this song brings me back. Thanks. And that woman! She is so beautiful... I feel a bit froggish right now....

  15. I'm out of the loop. I haven't watched pageants in years.

    Live Forever was one of my favorite songs in the 90's.

  16. Is she the one who fell? I read a headline saying one of the Misses fell on stage. And it made me wonder why something like that makes headline news! Anyway, your state is really coming out on top in all this debate with your blog friends. I'd be a little intimidated by now if I were them...

    By the way, I did it! I have attempted to share a bit about my writing in my latest blog post. Do you dare to enter the realms of my mind.....?

  17. kay, I'm so out of it. And just stuck on who the heck are all the Midwest haters? Not even going to try text speak on my QWERTY. Hey QWERTY is fun to type! Never made that connection before. The things you learn at Jon's blog.