Feb 5, 2010

Future Friday and a request.

The one where I discuss my future, the present, and occasionally the past.

In the year 2000... a strange gay man will publish a picture book about a lost balloon.  Some parents will turn their heads, most will embrace him.  Kids will love him regardless.

In the year 2000... that same strange gay man will finish and publish a middle grade book and a young adult novel, one will become a bestseller, the other will become a required read/banned book across the nation.

In the year 2000... that same repetitive strange gay man and two passionate accomplices* will spread glitter with W.I.B.I.J.?!

In the year 2000... hordes of people will offer to critique that future beloved picture book about a lost balloon.  Wanna?  It's titled Mylar.

In the year 2000... ____fill in the blank, please**__.

* Heather Kelly and Tina Laurel Lee
** That strange gay man is polite.


  1. I will read it! (Love the title!)
    In the year 2000, that same gay man will learn to dance from an unnamed blogger.
    Fun post as usual, Jonathan!

    And I'm first! I'm first!

  2. In the year 2000, that same gay man will rule the writing blogosphere (with glitter, of course).

  3. Yo Kelly--congrats on being first today!

  4. Congrats congrats congrats. What a marvelous crowd to be in!

    Good morning everyone. Let's hope that J. keeps up his everyday posting so we can all meet here! And learn to dance. From Kelly's son.

  5. Congrats Kelly on being today's #1.

    HK - Yay!

    T - I feel as though I have started my own congregation.


    That just never gets old! I'm gonna go back and watch it.

    In the year 2000, that same gay man will procure a job in that home improvement warehouse in which my son gets in trouble for trying to work the fork lift.

    Good luck, Jon!

  7. In the year 2000, that same gay man will start a charity to help fund research to find a cure for gonsitur. :)

    Good luck, buddy!

  8. HK - I love the word procure, let's just hope your prediction comes true.

    Brandon - Wow, who knew? Well, will you need it? That's a lot of W's.

  9. Lol, I'll refrain from responding, to keep this blog post child-friendly... :)

  10. Okay, kids. If you'd like to read Mylar, shoot me an email at
    jonarntson at gmail dot com

  11. What the heck is gonsitur and can I procure it from dancing?

    I'm so proud of my dancing children...

    I'll shoot you an email now!

  12. Every time you mention glitter, I picture it silver. Is that the color you picture when you type the word?

  13. I used to picture glitter as silver, but I am so unlike everyone else, that I have to choose a different color.

    Okay, that's only partially true. A few weeks ago, when Heather gave me an award and compared me to glitter, I wanted a picture of the sparkly stuff on my post. I searched through twelve pages on Google before I was happy with one, it happened to be purple. So, it stuck.

  14. I always wanted a gay man to become my roommate and best friend. Now that I've outgrown roommates, I'm wondering - where were you my entire life?

    Thanks for representing the male population on my post, even if you are of the non-creepy sect!