Feb 24, 2010

wTf? wEdNeSdAy! My WiP and a Cop Out...again

wTf? wEdNeSdAy! Everyone needs a day to say wtf? What day is better than Hump Day?

Today is my one-month anniversary of NO POP(soda)!!

It's been a week since I debuted my sexy WiP board of funness. Well, it's also been a week since I stored it away. I have been at wits end. So, since you all encouraged me to take a break yesterday...I am extending that into today as well, for a few hours. (Also, I worked yesterday afternoon and evening, so I can't count that as time not writing) Today, I will work on writing. Yes, that is what I will do, today, starting this afternoon. But, for today's post, I totally have some unfinished awards business to deal with. This is where the cop out from my title comes in. I have been feeling against awards lately. They are generic and frilly and have been clogging up the blogosphere. But...I do love one thing about awards, they distract people from noticing the lack of work I am doing.

Award #1
I received the Creative Writing Award given to me by Shannon O'Donnell. I think you'll join me in considering this award the most appropriate for a writer to receive. Therefore, I feel honored that the great SO'D would think of me. She has like 2 million followers and does cool things on her blog, like giving away Query Queen Elana Johnson's Ebook. Here are her words about my words: "I think we can all agree that when it comes to creativity and making others happy, Jon is a master." Holla! I have always wanted to be a master of something. The rules of this award state that I am I am required to name 10 things that make me happy and to pass the award along. My rules are that I will give the award to only one person and ignore all award rules, but since I like to be happy, I think I can pump out a list of ten things.
1. Red Vines
2. Green olives
3. Local wine
4. Celery
5. Carrots
6. Black olives
7. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
8. Boiled potatoes with french onion dip and shredded cheddar
9. Sweet potato fries
10. Food, in case you didn't notice
My recipient of this fun award is Tina Lynn. She makes me happy because she doesn't take any crap and she totally tells it like it is. Want to improve your writing? Befriend this spitfire.

Award #2
Kelly Polark, whose name I consistently spell wrong, has given me (and my best buds Heather and Tina) the "Creative Writer Blogger Award", which I believe is the knockoff of the award up above. That doesn't make me like it less! Especially coming from Kelly who's like a smile in a box! Also, she asks the best SAMS* questions! Seriously, if you could bottle her up, you'd have the next big thing. Here are this award's rules:
X 1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link them.X 2. Add the award to your blog.X 3. Tell six outrageous lies about yourself and one truth.
1. The color purple induces a mean throw up fit every February 29.
2. I have seven thumbdrives.
3. In the year 2006 I read three books.
4. My stage name is Harlequin Romantique
5. I have a blue belt in the marital arts.
6. My iPod is chartreuse.
7. I once dated a guy named Mar'Quinn
X 4. Nominate six creative liars ... I mean, writers and link them. (I am breaking my rule for this too.)
Kristopher - He is hilarious and honest! I seriously need you to go check out his blog. He recently moved from, get this, Idaho to Maine!
Marybeth - She gave up Facebook and Twitter for Lent and I want you to go give her some blogosphere lovin'.
Sarah Dooley - She's one cool cat and gives me some great advice. She's been here since the beginning. Also, she has a book coming out!
Robert Guthrie - Mostly because he has helped me gain some major perspective over the last few weeks, but partly because Heather will award this to him too and I want to do it first. Ha! Also, I love to read, especially when it's his writing!
Dena Daw - One of my Children's Picture Books crit partners. She has short sweet posts and they make me laugh every time. Especially when she takes my advice about garden gnomes.
Marisa Hopkins - Another of my PB crit partners. She is an uber talented illustrator and a blogger extraordinaire. I aspire to be like her. Also, she and I share an affinity for self-deprecation that I find quite impressive.
5. Let your nominees know they've been nominated.
I'll be doing this soon, if you don't see it already.

Please note the resistance of boomerang awardage.

Kelly said:
SAMS: What vegetable do you not care for very much? :)
SAMS: Who do you think is the hottest celebrity? Which one gets on your nerves the most?
Nothing big to ponder, just some fun stuff to think about today and then get your buttinski to work tomorrow!
Tune in Saturday to find out my answers and be thinking of your own answers. kelly, I hope you are ready for an eye-full. I made lists and categories. I can reassure you that there will not be any charts on the snowfall of, what did Anita say, "I didn't know your town was that small!," so, yeah, no more facts and figures about little old Lud.

Not much of a cop out, this post took me two hours. Good night, I mean morning, well, technicolorly it is Wednesday for me.

Morning run.
Snow day! 9", we're not sure why either...


  1. I totally think the stage name thing is the one truth!!!

    And thanks for the award. Are you trying to say I'm a liar? I would never lie! (seriously, my nose didn't just get bigger did it?)

  2. Of course I'm not calling you a liar, nope, nope, never.

  3. The tree photo is breathtaking...maybe worth all the snow???

  4. Thank you for the kind words, Jon. :) I think you have a chartreuse ipod and speaking of chartreuse did you know that it is the most visible color for humans?
    See here:http://blogstersguild.blogspot.com/2008/10/chartreuse-is-most-visible-color-for.html
    Did you mean you had a blue belt in the martial arts or marital arts? Being married for almost 15 years, I may have earned my blue belt in the marital arts, but certainly not the martial...
    And I agree, these awards are nice to get but they are everywhere! :) I laughed at your knock off award joke...this one seemed fun to lie, because in person I can never lie because my face would show it! (I do in fact own a knock off Prada purse though, but of course when someone said they liked my purse, I told them it was a fake!)
    The snow looks beautiful. I don't love driving in the snow, but it sure is purty!

  5. Also, after reading all the vegetables in your list of likes, I am wondering if you there are any vegetables you don't like! I'll find out Saturday!
    I loooove Reese's peanut butter cups. Sweet potatoe fries are yum, too.

  6. Kelly - I was not aware of chartreuse and it's attributes! Thanks for sharing. I totally meant martial, but will be sticking with marital out of protest of my inability to make it happen, except in the cool states (Hey Heather!). I guess that clearly disqualifies that lie. I am a horrible liar too! Like epically bad. Snow=whatevs.

    And you will indeed find out the veggie tales of my life on Saturday.

  7. Hey, you seriously do that award, love-giving thing well. I do need your help with the recaps. Because I so want your exuberance! You have very worthy folk on this list. Kelly asks some good questions!

  8. HA!! So excited about my award!

  9. I'm not worthy!!!

    :) and thank you!

  10. TLL - I am here whenever you need me!

    Dena and Marisa - YW!

  11. aww congrats. Did I see wine TWICE (as in red vines and local wine)? and um.... celery???? does it even have a taste :):) I am so trying your potato recipe. Did you notice my comment is all about food too?

  12. Feelin' the love. Baskin' in the love. Thanks, Jonathon. I'm just really glad I found your blog. Sorry it took me so long:)

  13. I'm LOL-ing at the stage name! That is too hilarious. I can't even begin to guess the truth, but I know you read more than three books in 2006, so that's a lie!

    Congrats on the awards, and I hope you get back in the groove today.

  14. Christina - Celery sooo has a taste! I love food too, I think you can tell.

    Tina Lynn - Ha, don't be sorry, it's not like I found your either. Things happen when they are meant to.

    Elana - Hint, check my GoodReads page...

  15. Congrats on a month of no soda. That is hard to do. Can I say caffeine head aches? How did you deal with it?

  16. As my pop consumption went down, my coffee consumption went up...I am saving that weening for when I finish my novel. From there, it'll be water and tea.

  17. You totally rock! Love the stage name-- possible truth? Congrats on the awards:) I will be digging into some critiques this weekend;)

  18. I am awesomer than you and Marisa

  19. Why does everyone keep guessing the outrageous lie?

  20. Harlequin--congrats on the awards! Mar'Quinn is one lucky dude. Here's a SAMS question: If you had to choose between being able to fly, and having unlimited food, which would you choose? Would it matter if potatoes were taken out of the equation?

    Oh, and I love sweet potato french fries. I base where we go out to dinner on that side dish.

  21. These awards are like chain letters.

    Tag. You're it.

  22. Heather - Great SAMS question! If I lived in a giant city I'd probably be able to make the same call regarding side order selection. But...yeah.

    Amber - Why thank you!