Feb 8, 2010

Meanie Monday and blah.


I love you, my followers, but today is blah and I got nothing.

Although, on an interesting note, I said last Saturday that no one looks at blogs on Saturdays...here's proof.

Somebody take pity on me and cheer me up.

Shut up.


9:00 EDIT:
On an uplifting note, I am almost finished with Fire, Kristin Cashore's sophomore novel, and it is amazing.


  1. Um... um...

    Trying to think of something that will cheer you up. Do you know that we're almost neighbors? Yay, Michigan!

    Oops. You're probably running and screaming now. It was a nice try, though.

  2. Hey, that certainly works! I've never heard anyone use yay and Michigan in the same sentence, without sarcasm, at least. I can tell your video the other day helped this morning and the fact that you always use the word snarf!

  3. How was Fire? That should cheer you up! I think that it's okay to have a low day. I usually do all the yucky stuff that I don't like doing when I'm feeling low. Paying the bills, cleaning the toilets...then when I have high days, all the yuck stuff is done.

  4. I think you have the post feedback blues. Which always means there is something brilliant in the hopper just getting ready to come out (what is a hopper?). Something was all stirred up. It is the way with revisions. These are the things Heather told me this morning to cheer me up and she had a crash too. So you need the downs in order to make the ups. It is a beautiful cycle, if terribly uncomfortable.

    I don't know if it is cheering but it is kind of important to not just make it go away. If you let it, hopefully you'll just swing through more quickly.

    Sorry for the obnoxious length to my comment.

  5. I actually started leaving my comment a while ago, so I missed seeing the edit go up. Sometimes things interrupt my commenting. I'm glad that you are enjoying Fire!

  6. Heather - Good ideas, thanks. Yes, FIRE is absolutely amazing, going to go finish it soon.

    Tina - Please, never ever ever apologize for the length of your comments! Your words are like eating cabbage and potato soup. So warm and soothing, but eventually you find the bowl empty and slip back into the depression you were in before. There is, however, a light in the back of your mind, a light that keeps getting brighter as the day goes on. You were holding the match.


  7. Also, I think the email I sent you yesterday and this post have the same tone...the sadness is almost gone.

  8. You are quite the blog warrior to post seven days a week, Jonny boy! Don't let the low view numbers discourage you. We all come back and catch up on Monday :)

  9. I got nothing to cheer you up with, but I agree that nobody reads blogs on the weekend.
    I know I don't.

  10. Ooh! Mewants to read FIRE! And BITTERBLUE when it comes out!

  11. I just read Witch and Wizard, and ordered the Vast Fields of Ordinary last week (still waiting).
    Cheered up? We're reading the same stuff.

    Another cheer up: I am a new follower. I know I love to be followed.

    Sorry no one blogs on Saturdays, I guess we just have better stuff to do than browse the web on weekends.

  12. Ri - I am excited too!

    Denise - That does indeed cheer me up! I hope you like THE VAST FIELDS OF ORDINARY as much as I did.

  13. *Glitter*Glitter*

    That's me sprinkling more of that awesome glitter that you are just MADE of. Right? RIGHT?

    Come on baby . . . *SHINE*

    I know you can do it :)

  14. New follower...and I DO read blogs on Saturdays. And Sundays, for that matter! And perhaps not many people do because not many people blog on the weekends (hint hint to all you non-weekend bloggers--c'mon! Don't pretend you have a life...)

  15. Even though this was a total cheaters post... I loved it! ; )

    Happy Monday, Jon.

  16. Thanks to you guys, the comments have taken this lame-o post to good status.

    Now, I know I can get away with it!


  17. I think I went to your blog on Saturday. But you need to stop assessing this data. You are too good for it. Too Good.

  18. Fire sounds so good! Can't wait to read it.