Feb 6, 2010

SAMS (something about me saturday)

I'll get right to the questions.

Kelly asked:
1. Who is your favorite Beatle and why?
Although I have love for all members of my favorite band of all-time, there's a special place for Paul.  'Hey Jude' is one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard.  He wrote the tune to 'Yesterday' using the words srambled eggs.  Paul kept the group together.  "Let it Be".  The Abbey Road medley.  "Get Back".  "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da".  "The Fool on the Hill".  Okay, so listing his songs doesn't sell him as the best, and that's not really what I am trying to do.  To me is his the best.  Lennon's "Across the Universe" gives me hope and makes me tear up at the same time.  "Julia" and "Dear Prudence" are daily listens of mine.  I love "Octopus's Garden" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" also.

2. Do you have a favorite 80's hair band? :) (don't make fun of me for loving hair bands...okay you can make fun of me for loving hair bands...)
Now, at first I was slightly offended that you'd follow the last question with this, but then I just laughed.  I laughed at you, Kelly, but I mostly laughed at the pictures of the crazy eighties hair bands as I tried to study the contenders (I was born in '85).  Okay, so a list I found included Bon Jovi, so easy out.  But, if we're just talking about the 80's here: I love a-ha, Gary Numan, A Flock of Seagulls, and Jane's Addiction.

Wow, that took a far greater number of words than I was anticipating.  But that's okay, since Kelly seems to be the only one to understand the point behind SAMS.  Please, feel free to feel obligated to post questions in the comments below and definitely answer these questions yourself.  (Although there will be no Beatles bashing and no mention of Oko!)


  1. Woo-hoo! Number One!

    I always got to sing Paul's parts when my brothers and I were in the car together (we divided the parts up on a cross-country trip to keep us from killing each other) My older brother prefered John. My younger brother got stuck with Ringo, but he got to sing some of the weirder songs. So, I guess, it all worked out in the end. I love Paul.

    Hmmm. I'm going to keep the question thing going in the comments. Jon--you're writing kidlit right now. Do you ever see crossing over to adult (the dark side!) or do you see yourself staying in the genre over the course of your writing career?

    And, what's your favorite girl scout cookie?

  2. Heather - I claim Paul's parts first too, no one can beat me at his voice anyway, but I sing to every song of theirs, except "Ticket to Ride", which annoys me.

    I have literally never thought about crossing over to adult. The last adult book I read was THE ROAD and before that...WICKED. The construction and voice of adult fiction is as unfamiliar to me as the adult fiction section at the library - the last time I was there was when I worked at the library in 2003 and was shelving in the section. I would like to read King's latest, UNDER THE DOME, but 1000 pages, yeah, right. Ya know, when I am thirty-five, maybe it'll be like the little babies from "Look Who's Talking" and I'll lose my kidlit voice and move on up, but I'd prefer to stay like Lois Lowry and continue to inspire children year after year.

    My favorite Girl Scout cookie AKA the only one I like, and I L-O-V-E it, is....

    I am sure you can all guess...

    The Tagalong.

  3. I've never had Tagalongs. I actually just considered this yesterday--I'm doing my kids a disservice by only buying the girl scout cookies that I loved as a kid--there have probably been some great additions to the girl scout family since then.

    I feel the same way about kidslit. Although I do read adult books--and have since I was a teen (no real YA section at the time)--I do like Stephen King. I haven't picked up his new one yet.

    I'm letting the "when I'm 35" comment go. See--letting it go...


    Okay, I knew as soon as I published that comment you would say something regarding the 35 thing, I knew it! I am specifically speaking about myself. I have no kids and my nieces and nephews will be in their twenties in ten years...so I am not sure what my connection to the genre will be. While I hope, I realllly hope, to still be in the middle of kidlit, who knows.

    Also, the most exciting news of the year so far. John Green has a middle grade series coming out this summer! Holy chipotle!

  5. Hmm, a question.

    What country do you most want to visit and why?

  6. Nat - I am kind of boring when it comes to dreams of traveling. #1 on the list right now is Vancouver, I've wanted to go there for several years now. My favorite that I've been to is Wales and I would love to go back and to Scotland and Ireland. France and Japan are on the list. What about you?

  7. I LOVE Vancouver. I have family there, so we visit all the time. Why do you want to go there?

    I really want to go to England, Scotland and Ireland. Those would be the first on my list. I also want to go to France, Spain, Italy, Greece.... Okay, I want to go a lot of places, =P

  8. Thanks for answering my musical questions. Paul is my favorite as well. And when I met my hubby, his nickname was Beatle because he looked like a cross between Paul and John ( Paul's hair and eyes, John's nose).
    And I enjoyed your 80's answers! (Motley Crue is my fave 80's band)
    And hey, what are you going to write about next Saturday if you are answering all the questions in the comments today? :)
    My next question: What was the last concert you went to?
    (I can't help it, I love music!)
    Loved the girl scout question btw, my daughter sold them this year for Brownies!

  9. Nice answers. More questions.

    What is your favorite cabbage dish?
    If you don't like onions, then how do you flavor your cooking? Maybe I should ask: do you cook?

  10. Love the Beatles. Although you made me feel old with the 80's hairband comment :)

    Who is your favorite character that you have written about and why?
    Yes someone asked me this on my blog so I decided to ask you :)

  11. Nat - Ditto. Let's get published and in twenty years when we each have published tons of books. We can travel together and say we've been friends since before.

    I hope you have Gmail by then.

    Kelly - I too love music. The last concert went to was the best concert I've ever been to. I actually cried...I know. the band: Death Cab for Cutie, who is my favorite band ever, after the Beatles.

    Tina - My favorite cabbage dish I had yesterday: Potato and Cabbage Soup with Ham. I don't hate onions, per se. I will used cooked and sauteed, but I cannot enter the room until ten minutes after, otherwise my eyes start pouring and my nose feels like I have a sinus infection. I also have acid reflux issues, so onions aren't too good for that either. Don't even ask me about onion rings...near the top of things I hate list. I don't cook frequently and when I do I bake. (The banner for SAMS or for WIBIJ, thanks either way)

    Christine - The second picture book I wrote, which is unrevised, is about a butterfly name Papillon and he is my favorite. He struggles in his choice between living with the butterflies he grew up with or living in captivity with a little girl and her butterfly collection. The choice is his to make and I can relate to him.

    Thanks for the questions guys. To answer Kelly's question about next SAMS, you can specifically state that you want a question to be included in that segment at any time by typing SAMS ahead of it and I'll jot it down on my note paper.

  12. LOL! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm looking into Gmail =P