Feb 1, 2010

Not So Meanie Monday and Post a Photo of Your Work Area Day

Mondays are mean.  I am mean on Mondays.
Together, we are Meanie Monday

This Monday, so far, I'm not so mean.  And since the last full moon was on Saturday, most of the weird is out of the way for the week, I hope.

Ya know what's cool about today, February 1?  It's Post a Photo of Your Work Area Day, per Anita Laydon Miller.  Um, so until Tina reminded me last night, I had completely forgot.  So, without any cleanup or staging, I present to you my humble work space.

For all matters and purposes, yes that is a bowl of venison stew, a few used napkins, and books on how to talk right.  If you look to the far right, the book standing up behind the audio speaker with the face on it is Ripley's Believe It or Not: Special Edition 2008.  I have no idea why that's there, I hate Ripley's.

Also, I took the assessment test for the US Census Bureau and got a high score, so hopefully I'll have a second job for the spring, further cutting down my online time, oh, and writing time.

I received the Happy 101 Award from Natalie.  Apparently I have to state ten things that make me happy and then pass the award along to ten people.  I'll follow the first rule, but the second one breaks a site rule, I will only pass an award along to one recipient.
First thing's first.  Ten things that make me happy:
1. Peanut Butter
2. My sisters - Kerra, Marie, and Michelle (see one of my earliest posts)
3. My best friends - Britt, Raina, and Robin (see the post from last Saturday)
4. My puppy - Belle, see below.
5. Books, specifically crisp new ones (like my untouched copy of The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma that's been sitting on my shelf since Christmas, somebody remind me it's there!)
6. The Beatles - "Julia", "Dear Prudence", and "Obladi, Oblada," at the moment.
7. Potatoes - Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.
8. John Green
9. Mini Coopers
10. W.I.B.I.J.?!

And, now for my awardee: Rena Jones.  Rena's blog is fresh and thought-provoking, yet each post is easy breezy to read and relate to.  Basically, it is the complete opposite of my blog.  I like her serious tone when it's necessary, but the other times she has a writer's voice that just tells you she is a nurturer.  I find lots of happy over at her blog and in her books.

Good at Magic Eyes?  You'll love this one.

If that didn't sell you, this surely will.  Despite looking vicious, Belle is totally comatose.  (And, Anita, that is the correct angle, for once.)

Don't forget about Something About Me Saturday (SAMS)!  Post your questions in any comment this week under the headline SAMS.


  1. I want to be first at your popular comment place, while I still have the chance. I'll comment more after I read your not so Meanie Monday.

  2. Believe it or not, the book is there.

    My picture of my work area is coming up slightly later. I'm not quite ready yet. Thank you for showing yours.

  3. I like you working desk. I desperately need a new desk. Hopefully, instead of a book, a debut author will offer a writing area make-over. Or hopefully, it will be a TV show soon. :)

  4. Hmmmm, I never pegged you for a venison stew consumer. :)
    My oldest son loves Ripley and Guinness record books. We probably have that same book somewhere on our shelves too.
    Great shot of your work space, I expected some glitter somewhere though...;)
    Belle looks tough in that pic, I think she's dreaming of taking down a deer for your next pot of venison stew!

  5. Oh! And congrats to Rena! Her blog is one of the first blogs I started following. I have both of her picture books and my kids love them!!

  6. It's only 7AM and that stew actually looks good to me. Thanks for your participation!

    Your posts make me happy!


  7. Mondays are rough. I wanted to break my 5 AM alarm this morning. Then I realized that my cell phone is also my alarm, so breaking it would prove... inconvenient. Ah well, thanks for a fun post to pull me out of my storm cloud a bit. :)

  8. Ocean Girl - Congrats, being first seems to be a coveted spot these days...maybe I should get in on that.

    Laura - I love your idea, write to HGTV! I take a book though, I've entered 30 million, okay, like fifteen contests and have won, zilch.

    Kelly - I can assure you that I was not the one to kill the deer, the Patriarch is responsible for that. I do like venison stew, but that's one of four ways I can handle venison. Sorry for the lack of glitter in my work area...um...it's what's on the inside that counts. I'll tell you what, tomorrow I'll post a photo of the view from my workspace, that'll inspire you.

    Anita - I like Feb 1 now! I am kind of a prick, so it's okay.

  9. Brandon - Smart move on the resisting part. (HINT) I write my posts at night and then set them to post at 6:55 AM.

  10. Did you shoot your own deer for the stew?

    Your desk does not look so messy.

    I'm never first anymore. Way to go, Ocean Girl!

    Oh, and I like #10 too.

  11. Oh my goodness, I want to snuggle with Belle! I must!!

    And for a boy, ya know, your work desk? Not so messy. Come teach my husband a thing or two. :)

  12. Tina - SEE my response to Kelly's comment.

    JJ - Belle's a cutie, thanks! I may not be very good at teaching others...but I am very anal, so the desk is a mess to me.

  13. Oops, missed it.

    I was sort of hoping to know the sparkly side of you and then there's that other tough practical exterior who takes care of everything including the food he puts in his mouth. Like a sparkly Pa Ingalls.

    Word verification: bultured. Makes me feel like I have something to apologize for.

  14. What is that magic eyes thing? I'm so confused.

  15. I didn't notice the puppy photo the first time. Yay, you, getting all together and I love these puppy photos. Almsot makes me want one.

  16. I was really, really hoping that was a leftover bowl of chocolate ice cream.

  17. Mariah - Are you familiar with Magic Eyes? If you stare at the image from a foot to two feet, it will change. It made me laugh so hard!

    Anita - The puppy photos from before were taken during a very stressful time, I mean, there were nine of those little rascals allover the place. Now, w e just have Belle and she is super sweet.

    MG - Sorry, but I hate chocolate ice cream.

  18. Your puppies are just too cute! And Peanut Butter on a spoon...YUM!!! ; )

  19. I LOVE Belle! She is beeootiful.

    Those Beatles songs make me happy too ;)

  20. I like your workspace--It looks very homey. Ok, so there was a lot in your blog post. I have to start getting here in the morning so I'm refreshed and have enough energy to comment on everything.

    I'm all for not cleaning before showcasing. It gives those of us who don't put cleaning as top priority a feeling of not being alone (I once started a thread entitled "how clean is YOUR house at Verla's")--good stuff.

    Congrats on the award. And I like that you award only to one person--I think it makes it more meaningful, and takes the whole chain letter feeling out of the experience. Congrats, to you and to Rena.

    I'm with Tina on number 10.

    Seeing pictures of your dog makes me want a cat. But, I cat-sit for my mom's vicious cat for probably half the year, and am afraid her cat would run off a pet. (It happened to my last, beautiful cat.) But one of these days...

    I'm thinking of a SAMS. Give me time!

  21. Kim - Yes, peanut butter on a spoon does equal yum.

    Ali - Don't the first two just sooth your day.

    HK - I looove kitties. The cat I grew up with lives with my mom, far away in Tennessee. His name is Alsan.

    Don't forget about my disclaimer...hehe. Tom's post is going to be shorter. Just for you.

    You've got plenty of time for SAMS, it's every Saturday, after all.

  22. Hi, just stopped by to say thanks for visiting my blog (AND that I commented back, in response to your comment about Panem hair-lovers... I say NAY!) But back to you, great blog! I like the Meanie Monday thing, and the irony of you accepting your Happy 101 award on Meanie Monday.

  23. Congrats on the award!

    Venison stew, huh? A bold choice for dinner (or breakfast!?!?)

  24. The stew was for dinner. Not my choice, I don't do the choosing, but I eat A LOT! People may not be able to tell by photos, but I eat and eat and eat. My metabolism is off the charts.

    Tonight for dinner we had brats and sausage on buns. I had five. Oh and pasta salad, fruit, and five peanut butter cookies. I'm kinda still hungry, bye.

  25. Argh, I forgot about post your workspace day -- and I was going to participate. Oh well, my brain is mush these days. Not enough sleep.

    Love the puppy pic - adorable.

  26. Oh, wow, Jonathan -- thanks for letting me know about this. I've gotten myself behind on catching up with blogs lately and I totally missed this. Thanks for stopping by mine today and letting me know. I have this habit of checking blogs in my favorites list somedays and then other days I look at ones in my "following" list through Blogger. I need to get with the program, seriously!

    Thanks again! :)