Feb 9, 2010

Tubular Tuesday and Uppers.

Tubular Tuesday is my freebie day, where I can talk about 

whatever the hell I want and get away with it.

I think that's everyday, really.

So, yesterday, while I was being a whiny little brat, you people totally pulled me up and out of my funk!  I truly appreciate it.  Tina totally called it, I was depressed after a week's worth of receiving critiques on a picture book of mine.  The worst part is all the reviews were great, helpful, and genuine.  I am not sure what I wanted/expected to hear.

"You suck."
"Why are you a writer?"
"Can I have my three hours back?"  I am saying this in a general sense.  If you spent far longer than three hours, don't get upset.
Now I know I have supporters.  Yay.  I also joined a five member critique group, I'm the sixth member, go figure.  Each member of the group is PB specific in one way or another and I looked at one's illustrations yesterday...AMAZING.
Two of the crit members I have met have a blog and one a website, so go over and give 'em some glitter.
Marisa Hopkins at Elegant Snobbery
Melissa Lind - website, I particularly adore the illustration of two girls holding umbrellas.
I look forward to hearing from the rest and sharing them with you.  (I hope they know what they've gotten themselves into.)

:(me  +  Glitteryou guys = :)me


  1. Jon--this is awesome. A new crit group!

    The receiving of critiques is a tough business. I always have some fall-out too. I've heard some agented authors say that they read their agent's/editor's edit letters, and then sit in a funk for a few days. Evidently, it doesn't get much easier with time. I'm glad you're coming out the other side, and I'm so excited about your new crit group!

  2. I just joined a new crit group too! I missed your blah day yesterday--glad you are coming out of the funk!

  3. Glitter makes everything more fun.

  4. Glad you are feeling better :) I thinking of starting a critique group but we will see. Congrats on your new group:) Smile!

  5. That is awesome you found a critique group. They will make wonderful suggestions, some you will use, some you will not. They will be supportive and helpful to you as you will be to them!

  6. Hi, Jon. I'm glad you found a critique group. I hope all of you support each other. I really enjoyed last group I was in. It broke apart, people going their separate ways, but I guess it was time.

  7. Yay! Glitter!

    :D and glad to have ya on board!

  8. Congrats on finding a great critique group!!!


  9. There's nothing better than a supportive, talented, committed crit group. Have fun with it! And I'm sorry you've been in a funk. It definitely happens.

  10. That's awesome you found a crit group! Ugh, I am dreading when my MS is critique-ready. I'm not great on taking criticism. Maybe I should re-think this whole writing thing... :)

    Glad you're out of your funk!

  11. Yay critique group! I haven't had the guts to join one yet.

  12. Yay for crit partners! That is excellent news. I'm happy you are in a better mood today. :-)

  13. Yay for you! Yay for me!

    It does sometimes feel like a funk after getting feedback but really it is you digesting all that new information(read cabbage).

    I have to say those critters are lucky folk!

  14. That is what a blog is, right? I do the same thing.

    And crit groups are the best! Congrats for joining one.

  15. Congrats on finding a critique group! I have one online and one that I may be trying out in my town. It will be nice to meet other writers and have them help me out and take me down a few pegs when it's necessary :) And glitter makes everything so much better, doesn't it?

  16. Joining a crit group was one of the best things I did! I've learned so much from my crit partners and my writing has improved a lot. Good luck with your group and don't let the critiques get you down. Use them to make your ms even better.

  17. Congrats on your crit group. Without my critique buddies I would be bald (and I'm so not kidding about that)!

    And your glitter=brilliant!!!

  18. Yay for critique groups. Also, glitter!

  19. AWWW!!!!!!! You are the reason for my 3 new followers!! I am so happy! Thank you for your ***GLITTER***!

    After everyone gets around to introducing themselves, we can get down to business :-)

  20. Thanks for the comments everybody.

    My absence is due to the raging headache I've had all day and my ill-fated attempts to finish FIRE.

    I love it, I just can't look at the pages without it hurting. Okay, I am totally hoping to have a review sometime tomorrow, if I post at all.

  21. Jon--so sorry you werent't feeling well. I hope you feel better today!