Feb 25, 2010

Thesaurus Thursday and butt, fanny, tush

Lazily expanding my vocabulary one commenter's synonym at a time...

...like, buttinski, as in, "Nothing big to ponder, just some fun stuff to think about today and then get your buttinski to work tomorrow!" Well, sorry, Kelly, (the author of that quote) my break has become a monster! Yesterday I readied future posts all day. I got all the way to next Monday.

Alright, a few people have mentioned deadlines. Deadline, term, time allotment, time frame - uber scary stuff for me, but...since I haven't been getting any work done and I have my five days of unpluggage coming up (look right under my banner), I have decided to set deadlines. Realistic, no-excuses, firm, I will do this thing kind of deadlines. With me? Alright! I am in love with John Green.

Here's my list of goals:
Begin plot map using this article from Skotos. EDIT: I totally forgot to cite Heather Kelly as the source.
Complete a character profile for Scottie, Justin, and Janna (Scottie's best friend)
Apply these to me WiP board of funness
(A secret auxiliary project)

I am going unplugged on March 12, so I have fifteen days to accomplish these goals. The fourth has a firm deadline, I'll skip mentioning it here since it cannot be changed. For the plot map, I state that I will begin the process. My word usage is part getting out of having to commit to any specific number of things and part keeping my options open. More the latter J. I am giving myself until Thursday, March 11. That way I can focus on my other goal, creating character profiles for Scottie (1/10 done), Justin, and Janna. I give myself until Sunday, March 7.

There you have 'em. Goals and deadlines. Now, I need to transfer them to my planner, wherever it is.

I almost forgot. Here's the one truth.


  1. Ooh, a secret project! I'm intrigued. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate - good luck!

  2. Good morning, Sunshine. Don't be to hard on yourself. It seems like you are always getting things done.

  3. Anna - The secret project is awesome and the best part of the whole thing are my team members.

    You're right, I do have a lot on my plate. I am increasing the ferocity with which I tackle that plate, it's the only thing I believe will get me caught up.

  4. Actually, Jon, getting all your blogs done through Monday is an accomplishment.
    I printed out that plot link you put up. Are any of these next steps part of the Snowflake method? I like the character stuff you'll be doing. I am so going to do these steps, I have a story in my mind, but want to wait til mid March to start. You are really inspiring me and others by putting it all out there.
    What color is your ipod then?
    There have been years I didn't finish one book! (due to having small children! well I read lots of picture books then...and still do!)
    I like your rear end synonyms. Here are some more: bum, arse, behind, buttocks (this word is used frequently in our house), derriere, gluteus maximus.
    Last night I told my kids to get their buttinskis to bedski!
    Great idea to unplug for a week, you will get som much done, but oh how we will miss you!!

  5. Kelly - That link is not part of the Snowflake Method. I am using more than just that resource. HK referred the Skotos article and I really like it, so I am using that for the plot map. I will be integrating other resources too, later in the process. I cannot wait for you to start up your idea.
    I do not own an iPod. Never have.
    I love the synonyms!!

  6. You're making me feel guilty for not setting deadlines for myself. Hmmm...nope. Never mind. Pantsers simply can not committ to deadlines. I can committ to a minimum word count, but deadlines are Just. Not. Possible. *hugs*

  7. Wow...I can spell<---Insert sarcasm here.

  8. Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy. I am working on the award you gave me way back when, and hopefully I can get caught up with all my blogs today. I wish I was as good at setting and keeping goals as you are. :)

  9. Tina Lynn - Check out tomorrow's post, no reason to feel guilty. Word count is a suitable form of deadline! And typo corrections are never needed, unless they directly change the meaning of your comment.

  10. Rena - The keeping of my goals is still in question, but your words give me a boost to finish them within the allotted time.

  11. Inspiration found here again! Deadlines that's what I've been needing, the only one I really have is write every day, which is going good. That is impressive that you have your blog posts so far in advance, you really do accomplish a lot you know. Don't be so hard on yourself, Got it? I said GOT IT? So my new deadline is . . . hmmmm this will take me a minute.

  12. Do you listen to your Beatles tunes on vinyl? :)
    You need an iPod to make supercool Beatles and Lady Gaga mixes. ;)

  13. Sekrit projects? John Green? You've got a lot going on in this post. :)

  14. Jon--I'm hoping secret projects will get my buttaroni in gear. I'm feeling a little like I'm slowly falling behind on everything. But sometimes I need that feeling to woman-up.

  15. Crystal - Got it! Set deadlines for you, not for someone else.

    I use CDs. I'd love an iPod, just never bought one. When I have one, it will be free of all Lady Gaga!

  16. Elana - Then this post accurately represents me.

    Heather - You'll pull through, I am counting on you!

  17. Wait a minute...you're going unplugged from when to when? I'll believe it when I don't see it.

  18. Anita - Your words of encouragement are so endearing.

  19. I LOVE the idea of Thesaurus Thursday! How have I not been doing a weekly word post of some kind on my own blog? Thank you for the inspiration. :)