Apr 22, 2010

#04 Favorite Song of All-Time

The song and title keep me going on a daily basis.  If you can, really turn all your speakers up for this one!

"Lessons Learned" Matt and Kim

Hint for song #03:


  1. Awesome video. :D That last half second is quite the shocker! And I love Kim's tattoo b/c it looks like mine. She's got great taste in tattoos.

  2. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. That's my YA pick for you. One of my favorites. Hope you like it :)

  3. Okay, watched it. Loved it until the end where my heart stops and now hurts.

    They certainly have a way with emotions.

  4. Holy crap! What an ending.
    Never heard of Matt and Kim. I'm going to have the "Da,da, da,da,da,da in my head now. You are expanding my musical horizons this week, my friend.
    Matt's kind of a cutie.