Apr 30, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

Hi people.  You know how life sucks and everyone tells you hold onto that happy horse shit saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"?  Well, I f*ing hate lemonade.  It's sour and dry and does the complete opposite of quenching your thirst.  Plus, I choke on the pulp.  So I ask you, friends, gimme some life recipes, which may not include the super sour lemons I am about to throw at the window.

Btw, the next post is my 100th and I am talking about one of my fave authors via Elana's Amazingly Awesome Authors list.  The post will be up Monday.


  1. Oh, I so HATE lemonade. Why oh why do people want to drink something so sour and foul? Sweet is what I need in a beverage.

    Oh friend, I worry about you.

    I feel like that a lot. In fact I am feeling like that right now. I hope this is not going to make you throw lemons, but when I feel like today was the crappiest day of all time (which is a LOT) before I go to sleep I think of one thing that wasn't crappy. And I write it down. And I think about it again and again, until I don't feel so crappy anymore. Sometimes I really have to think about what it is, but it gives me one small thing to hold on to.

  2. When life hands you lemons, spike the lemonade.

  3. I seriously think if you have a glass half full attitude, it improves your life. Just don't have it be a half glass full of lemonade. Put some cheeseburgers in the glass. :)

  4. omg a glass full of cheeseburgers! I'll go with that

  5. You know...I had that month..or the last two months maybe? Perhaps the past six months....Geez, I've lost track. I certainly haven't made lemonade but I've totally driven too fast with angry music cranked and jammed out with my shoulders and head to create laughter. :0) Or....I go to sleep-which is the depression talking, but sometimes I don't care. :0) I try to remember what I have to be thankful for. My kids, husband, roof over my head(barely), and...oh yeah. I'm alive. yay.

    Hope you get to feeling better. I know how much those 'words of wisdom' can be such crap when you're not feeling it. :0)

    Oh-and this video helps..it's my son without a care in the world other than how well his butt bounces. :0) http://kristifaith.blogspot.com/2010/04/friday-fun.html

  6. Cheezburgerz. That sounds really good.

    Looking forward to Monday's post Jon.

    Today's guest blogger is The Alliterative Allomorph!

  7. Wine. You can never go wrong with wine!

  8. I like Mike's Hard Lemonade.

    Hope you feel better soon, Jon. When I feel down I just zone everyone out and put on my iPod.

  9. I'm with Rena. Mike's Hard Lemonade is about as lemonade-y I get. And when you drink enough of it, believe me, life is GREAT!

  10. 1 cup courage
    1 cup hope
    1 cup faith
    1 cup imagination
    1 cup love
    A generous dash of B.S.

  11. Whatever sinfully delicious goodies you crave, but usually say no to, topped off with several (alcoholic) beverages of your choice and some really great friends to listen without interrupting. :-)

    I hope your weekend is better, Jon.

  12. I love lemonade. Especially pink lemonade, though I will admit that it doesn't exactly quench your thirst lol. However, you can always take those lemons and throw them at the asshats that are making life difficult. :)

  13. When you've just been whalloped by life, you really don't want to hear a shop-worn cliche. No one wants their mountain reduced to a mole hill by a by-stander.

    Life deals us cards all the time. The hand is usually not ideal. Sometimes not in the same galaxy as ideal.

    All we can do is play them the best we can and try to have a few laughs as we do. If we wait until life deals us the perfect hand until we enjoy life, we will waste the opportunity to learn from the struggle and from those around us.

    All right, profound moment over. I look forward to your post of Monday. Come over and check my blog out if you're of a mind, Jon. And have a pleasant weekend, Roland

  14. A recipe for life? Just off the top of my head.
    --When life deals you a crappy hand, fold and start over.
    --When life makes you crazy, scream like no one is around. (And then they will think YOU are crazy!)
    -- When the shit hits the fan, run like hell. (Hopefully you won't run out of breath.)

    Seriously, bad stuff happens. It's part of life. It's how we deal with the bad stuff that counts. Learn from it. Grow from it. And move on. And if you're able to find the positive in the negative, you'll find that life is an incredible journey full of hope and all that is good. So the recipe for life is to live life with all of its ups and downs, remembering that it takes both rain and sun to make flowers grow and become nature's exclamation points.

  15. Crystal - Don't worry too hard! Writing is a great outlet, so even though life sucks right now, I am at least writing again.

    Dena - Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

    Kelly - You read my mind.

  16. Kristi - Your boy's got some sick skillz.

    Matt - Cheeseburgers are my BFFE.

    Wine - Ain't that the truth?!

  17. Rena - Mike's, music, and mindlessness - got it!

    Marisa - You always make me smile, even when there's a hideous dog/creature/thing in your photos.

    Cynthia - That's an easy recipe, thanks!

  18. Shannon - Check, check, and check: all accomplished last night!

    Amanda - :):):)

    Roland - Wow, a lot to think about, I srsly appreciate it!

  19. Buffy - I've always liked you a lot and now I like you so much more!

  20. I pray A LOT. I think you would be very surprised by how much I pray. The best praying is done with no distractions and you have to be still. That's hard for people like you and me. Anyway, it works. Highly recommend it.