Apr 14, 2010

A contest that's easy and so worth your time

Steve's trailer is literally my favorite trailer to date.  to. date. my friends.  If you aren't familiar with his blog, head on over, you'll be even more psyched about his September debut.  (click on the video to view on YouTube, where the video isn't sliced, or watch on Steve's blog.)

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that Tina is hosting another unplugging in The Practice Room at 12:00 PM EST tomorrow, Thursday.  If you're like, huh, another one, well, I haven't been a good supporter and have failed to spread the glitter about Tina's latest venture.  It's a supportive blog based off the idea of unplugging.  It's so oxymoronic, it's brilliant.  Check it out and at least get your juices flowing.  Whether or not you're able to participate during her scheduled times, TPR will become a place of solace, 100% guaranteed, or your...time back.


  1. Cool! I'm off to check out his blog.

    And I can't unplug in the middle of the workday. Have you guys considered doing an unplugged writing practice time at night?

  2. It is an awesome trailer. And those things can go both ways. But this one is sooo good! I can't wait for Steve's book!

    And, you are right--the whole unplugging room concept is oxymoronic--maybe that is why I love it so! I'm looking forward to the unplugging and much accomplishment from participating in the practice room!

  3. I love the trailer and I love that oxymoronic term! I'm all over that. Thanks for the plug. You have too been supportive!

    Elana--I'd totally consider an evening if you are up for it. I don't often try writing in the evening, but I am all for pushing myself. Anyone else?? J?

  4. I'd do an evening one! More mid to later evening than early evening.

    Cool trailer, very unique!

  5. Good luck with Blogger, the trailer is awesome (when are you going to start becoming a trailer designer?), and Tina's writing fest seems very cool.

    Jay Asher was a keynote speaker at the Western Washington SCBWI conference in Seattle over the weekend. Very, very funny & I thought of you. His book isn't so funny (about suicide), but it was interesting how he thought of himself as funny and almost a decade into writing he took the turn that became "Thirteen Reasons Why". Of course, I haven't read your writing, but the way Jay A talked reminded me of how you blog.