Apr 15, 2010

Thanks Hank, so what I needed

Starting Will Grayson, Will Grayson in ten minutes!


Midnight Edit: I lied - I am starting now though.


  1. Oh! I've always wanted to try geocaching. I've heard it is awesome. But I cant even follow a simple road map, so I dunno how I'd be able to follow GPS coordinates (um. 'specially since I don't even really know what GPS is. I'm so ridiculously behind the times, I don't think I'll ever catch up)

    Are you a geocacher?

  2. It's always been intriguing to me, kind of a modern day pirate map, but I don't know whether I'd ever be motivated enough to get into it.

  3. Should I or shouldn't I tell you that one of my WiP's based on geocaching?

    And yes, I have done.

  4. Never geocached and that video won't show itself to me. But spring has sprung and so has the geocashing around here. So I will get to it soon. And then I want to read your book.

    Marisa, I don't know either.

  5. Okay I have so considered geo-caching! Such fun and let me tell you I LOVE THIS!! Definitely what we all need sometime.

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  6. So now I could see it, and thanks, that was great, Hank and J.

    So tell me, how's the book?

  7. I am so going geocaching with my kids next week. It has been on my mind for a while! Thanks for the cool reminder to geocache, and to let our hair down--and keep it down! Seriously.

  8. Jon, Jon, Jon... I've been far too lax in my visits. I adore you! :-)

  9. that was cool. I'd never heard of geocaching!

    And is Hank your brother?

  10. That is the most enjoyable you tube video I have seen in a long time, except for cool guys don't look at explosions. Well ok, it's even better than that :)

    Have you read North of Beautiful? I love it and it's where I first heard of geocaching.

    Great, fun, IMPORTANT blog post Jon :)

  11. Gah, Crystal beat me to it, lol. I was gonna suggest North of Beautiful too. I also recently had the author, Justina Chen Headley, on my blog for an interview and she talked about geocaching for a bit.

    Anyway, LOVED Will Grayson, though was a bit disappointed by the ending. Hope you enjoy it!