Apr 21, 2010

#06 Favorite Song of All-Time

Kate Nash is the most fun and energetic singer ever.  No bad mood can resist her storytelling charm:

No music vid, so I choose this awesomesauce fanvid.

"Mariella" Kate Nash

"Merry Happy"(fanvid) and "Foundations" (Official Video)

Hint for song #05:


  1. Can't watch/listen to these at work but I've never heard of her so I will have to look her up.

    Thanks Jon.

  2. Like her voice. And I like the way the song gets tough. I have to say I think that I over did listening to female voices in the 90s so now I am resistant and more into men. Like PS(!) and I love The National and The Decemberists and Iron and Wine.

    But my new favorite girl voice-DARK DARK DARK. and they are from here!? Or at least part of them.

  3. Wow, haven't really listened to Kate Nash before, and I have no idea why! I LOVE Lily Allen and Florence + the Machine, and Kate's music is similar.

    Tina - ME TOO! All during the nineties, I listened to girl singers, and now (with the exception of a very small few lady singers) I only listen to male vocals.

    Yay, Jon, love the Postal Service! Can't wait to see your picks!!

  4. Same as Matthew, I can't listen to em at work, but I'll try to catch em later tonight.

  5. I rarely listen to female artists, Kate and The Knife are the only two to make this list. I have no idea the reasons behind it. Oh wait, must be chauvinism.