Apr 18, 2010

#09 Favorite Song of All-Time

My ninth favorite song comes from my third favorite band (me. odd. lists. i. know.) K O L.  There is no music video for this song, so I put a performance from Reading, England, where KOL has been wildly popular for years*.  In fact, the #09 song is written for their British fans:

*Like, before "Use Somebody"

#09 "Fans" Kings of Leon

And a bonus video to amplify the sheer sexitude:

What the hey, have another:

Sorry about all that, here's tomorrow's hint: i b w a n n o r 
Hint for the hint: (roy g biv it)


  1. thanks for the amplified sexitude....ahhh good lord. love that song, btw. Been listening to KOL for years thanks to the british boy I'm married to ;-)

  2. If I say that other than Use Somebody, I've never listened to KOL, would you be mad at me?

    Because if so, I'll lie and say, "OMG, I LOVE them!! KOL - I love you now and I'll love you 4-EVAH!!"

    And if not, then I'll tell the truth and say, "Hmmm... I've never listened to them before, but you know, I really liked the songs you posted and I'm gonna buy them on itunes so I can hear them some more." (fact)

  3. Marisa - I would never be mad at anyone regarding music. That be like being mad at someone for not having had an Alpine strawberry, which by the way are the best, when there are so many varieties of fruit available. I will say this, however: "Use Somebody" shows little of KOL
    s talent and I'd hate for your impression of my third favorite band to be limited to that tune. ONLY BY THE NIGHT is by far their best album, IMO, but AHA SHAKE HEARTBREAK is a their first album I heard and fell in love with.

  4. I am a loser. I totally meant to say BECAUSE OF THE TIMES is their best album. Wow.

  5. I have never had an alpine strawberry. I have never even heard of an alpine strawberry. That makes me sad because now I want one.

  6. Alpine strawberries are mini, very sweet, and super cute.

  7. I liked that.

    Is #8 They Might Be Giants? Because that is when I learned Roy G Biv. Well, between you and them.

  8. I'm probably not supposed to guess and I didn't even try to get the hint. Sorry.

  9. Cool tune. I hadn't heard of them until Sex on Fire. Talented group. I have some Kings of Leon songs on my Itunes already!! :)

  10. And I have no idea about the guess!

  11. Sometimes my American friends would ring me (in the UK), and say, have you heard so and so? and I would respond, yes...they're British. And they would say, "Are you sure?" and I would say, "Um, yes. They've been on Radio One for the last two years," or "Yes, she was the winner of XFactor last year" etc. Ha! Kings of Leon was, of course, one of those groups. As well as Snow Patrol, Lily Allen, the Script, Leona Lewis...and on and on (ok, technically, some of these are Irish, but let's not nitpick).

    But, oh yes, how I do love Kings of Leon. So beautiful, and the gravelly voice? About makes me swoon. I think they should be crowned Kings of the Universe.