Feb 13, 2010

Saturday Sum Up

Wow, what a crazy week.  If you haven't done so, do me and Heather a favor and checkout my last post, which will lead you to her last post.  You'll see.  :)
Remember, always


  1. I did. But, Saturdays have the least amount of traffic for me, by far, well, you saw, so I just wanted to see if this little post did anything. Also, Heather had an awesome SAMS question for me that I wrote down and lost, I didn't have time to go through all my old comments and find it, I'll do that now and add it to tom's post.

  2. I could tell you. It was two questions:
    1. What would your Grace be, if you had one (a reflection of who you are)

    2. What would you want you Grace to be, if you could pick one (a reflection of who you want to become, I think.)

    I actually wanted to clarify it anyway, since I wasn't this specific at the time.

    I'm probably too late. You've probably already written your post and answered.