Jan 19, 2010

Another morning of sunshine, what next the apocalypse?

I woke up to another blinding light, the rising sun.  Rarely do we get to see the sun two days in a row, it's amazing.  The temps are supposed to be above freezing again today.  We're lucky indeed.

So, yesterday was not as prolific as I had hoped/planned for it to be.  I did discover some awesome new blogs, however.
Guys Lit Wire is a blog that does an excellent job of reviewing and suggesting books that guys will like.  I read through to last April and had enjoyed many of the titles they recommended, aside from Science Fiction, I don't usually go there.
I'm Here, I'm Queer, What the Hell do I Read?  You can obviously tell what this blog by Lee Wind is about, but the content is relevant to a vast array of readers, both blogs are really.

Today.  Today I will write.  Yes.  Go me.  Although, I do work until ten tonight...hm.

No, today/tonight, I will write.

Here's the blinding light to which I awoke.  
(Okay, so it doesn't look that bright in this photo, but trust me it was.)

Oh, here are the puppies in their final week at our house.  The one on the far right is Belle AKA The Keeper.


  1. Hi Jon!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Love your puppies... and the sunshine... we've got it too, for three whole days now.

  2. They are too cute!
    I'm in Wisconsin - we've had a little spot of sunshine lately too. And I love that its still UP when I leave work at 4.

  3. Lily - Lucky you on the three days in a row!

    Dec - I hate you and your CST!

  4. I'm sorry, I'm stuck staring at the puppies.

  5. Puppies!

    I'm easily distracted by cute, fuzzy animals.

  6. Don't be sorry for only caring about the puppies. I won't pretend that that wasn't Plan B for getting people to look and comment at my blog.

  7. Thanks for the shout out... oh, and you had me at the puppies!

  8. Glad to see you at my blog. You can also enter my book giveaway contest.
    I love this picture of the puppies! I know, who doesn't love puppies.
    I'm going to check out the blogs you've suggested. Thanks.

  9. Good luck on the writing today/tonight.

    I keep revising the same part of my manuscript over and over. I'm determined to move on today. But I've already had some distractions. I'll start just as soon as I've done commenting. I swear.

  10. I want a puppy!! That pic made me melt a bit. You are SO lucky!

    The picture of the sunshine was absolutely beautiful. We've lucked out here and had two days of sun now, which has been a Godsend after a week of straight rain.

    Good luck with the writing. Little by little, it shall get done :)

  11. Lee - Thanks for the blog worth blogging about.

    TLJ - I think I did, my comment wasn't posted when I last checked, I'll reenter tonight if needed, thanks for the reminder.

    Tina - I believe, but that may be for hours...good luck either way.

    MX - Liking the puppies makes up for me hating the rain you've had. Rain, sigh, when's April getting here?

  12. Awww, those puppies are too cute for words. My daughter desperately wants a puppy - I'm still working on hubby, though. :)

  13. Oh, those puppies are adorable!! And I'm glad you're going to get some writing done. I love the Guys Lit Wire blog.

  14. I used to live in Battle Creek, and I adore peanut butter. Are you a part of SCBWI-MI?

  15. Puppies and sunshine. It doesn't get any better than that!
    So you are keeping one of them I see....is it going to be hard to see the rest go?

  16. Gorgeous picture of the sun there and those puppies are freaking awesome!!! I love baby animals. I think baby humans are absolutely not cute in any way shape or form, but baby animals just get me right here **points to chest** :)

  17. Shannon, Elana, Void, and Kim - Thanks!

    Kelly - Hell no! I will be so glad to see the rest go, they are cute and all, but novelties always wear off. Besides, I look forward to spending quality time with just Belle and training her. Her mother is our other dog, btw, and I think she'll be even happier to see them go.

  18. Sheesh, it must be colder than heck in Michigan!

    But all those puppies--adorable!

    It's my first time here, but I'll definitely be stopping back in.

    Stay warm!

  19. Those puppies are sooooo cute! Sometimes I wish they could stay puppies. And sunshine. Sunshine is good. Above freezing is also good. Happy writing! :)

  20. I want one!

    Tina (Goodreads)