Jan 13, 2010

An Odd Duck

So, normally I wouldn't give a crap (I know, I can be mean) about National Rubber Duckie Day, in fact, I generally disdain rubber duckies, but since I got this one for Christmas and it is awesome, I had to share it and therefore celebrate.

Btw, I am obsessed with pirate related paraphernalia.


  1. This is totally on the subject of a post three or four posts ago, but I dig and completely agree with your comments on James Patterson's books.

    Also, I too love pirates.

  2. I had no idea it was Rubber Ducky Day! Unfortunately not a ducky in the house. As far as Pirates, I like those poofy pirate blouses. And I really like your book montage. A lot of them I have read but not Swim the Fly. I'll have to look it up.

  3. I finished Swim the Fly at 3 AM last night and I gotta be honest, I am in denial that I am done reading it. I brought it back to the library today and every time I look at my nightstand or in my re-usable shopping bag/murse, I get a little sad.

  4. Jonathon--

    Because I have a three-year-old, I am the proud owner of many rubber duckies. I find them delightful. In fact, I recently finished moderating our monthly round table discussion. The topic was your professed antipathy. They feel misunderstood, so they have nominated me as their spokesman because they 1.are scared of you and 2.can't type.

    The rubber duckies would like me to impress upon you the following:

    1. They have never intentionally done anything to you. Sure, they may have played a small role in that regrettable bathtub incident when you were four, but they assure me that no malice was intended.

    2. The squeaking is not their fault. It is a common complaint that the rubber ducky squeak is annoying, but, as stated in the Henson Papers, "Not all rubber duckies squeak. Some make more of a hissing sound. But whether it be squeaking or hissing, a rubber ducky will only emit a sound if pressure is applied to its exterior and if the drain hole is left unobstructed. Therefore, it can be said with 100 perfect surety that it is humans and humans only who are responsible for rubber ducky noises, no matter how annoying they may be."

    3. "Rubber ducky" is actually a bit of misnomer these days. Most rubber duckies today are made from vinyl plastic. The duckies asked me to pass this information along in the belief that hatred is best combated with education. Also, they're getting a little tired of being called "rubber duckies" and would much prefer the less offensive "vinyl plastic duckies" or just "synthetic bathtub waterfowl."

    Also, and this is me talking here, I overheard them yucking it up in the tub as the water drained from tonight's bath and I'm pretty sure the pirate ducky is a spy. Watch yourself. These little shits can't type, but they can plot. My God, can they plot. In fact, after hearing them, I'm not at all sure they're as innocent as they claim to be regarding that incident when you were four. So maybe your disdain is justified after all.

  5. If only I could stop laughing, then I could say more. But, alas, I cannot. So, basically, all my hopes are placed on the fact that my pirate 'synthetic bathtub waterfowl' has just one eye and the skull and cross bones tat on its wing is a temporary one.

  6. I'm glad it got a chuckle. Especially since I spent entirely too much time on it and neglected my work-in-progress tonight.

  7. That actually makes me sad. Think of it as a brainstorm exercise!