Jan 25, 2010

Hi, contests, yay.

Steph Su Reads is having the best blog contest.  Ever.  Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Linger up for grabs, that's f*ing right!  There's even more, but of course, don't join I'm gonna win anyway.  Oh, wait, that's right, there's more than one winner.

Angela Ackerman's The Bookshelf Muse (the one with the sweet jolly roger!) is also having a contest.  You win a chapter critique, but you get something else super saweet, she is letting you choose her new thesaurus collection.  If you haven't explored her previous thesaurus posts, then do so, she is creative and amazing with words and ideas.


  1. Hey, I've never been to Steph Su's blog so yay, thanks for the linkage!

    I *LOVE* your profile pic btw. FunNEE :D

  2. Thanks, I am not sure my sisters appreciate me posting it for the world to see, but as far as they know I still only have three followers...