Jan 12, 2010

Duh! Epiphanies and Goals.

So, what does one do when they are feeling sick and have to work in three hours? Blog stalk! Duh.

This morning, I went around and looked at at least thirty blogs. I became a follower on many of them. About 70% were related to writing. The others are about art, travel, and just plain everyday things.

The common denominator in the ones I added is I found them all inspiring in some way or another. I will never be an artist with a gallery or a jet-setter, but the insight that those 'writers' have gained and shared is valuable nonetheless.

Oddly enough, I have added several blogs put up by bakers. I was originally in search of this type of blog because my friend Britt is hoping to open a bakery in the next few years and I wanted to see what other have done. While doing this research, I learned a lot of info about opening a bakery, but I found a lot more about following your dreams. It was really exciting to see such a common sense among these bakers that they were just doing what they love to do.

If I want to be a published writer, then their motivation could also apply to me. So what did I do, I made a cake, naturally. Well, it was actually peanut butter pie, and only two people in my household ate it, one of those two was me. But that was beside the point. I, a no-nothing baker, made a pie and I loved it.

As I ate the final piece of pie, I was sitting at my computer typing away about a little boy who discovers The Library of Secrets. I am excited to finish this Middle Grade book, but I have several YA novels vying for my attention, so the next post will be later this week and I will have some more of my 100 Things I love list done.


  1. Hi BFF, I love you. Yay for comments!

  2. Hi Jonathon - Thanks for the comment over at my blog.

    The whole "I'm following bakers" thing is interesting. I also take a lot of inspiration from people doing the things they love.

    Except for Interpretive Dancers. I don't know why... ;)

    And now I will go update MY blog as you have officially called me out for being slack.

  3. I'm a closeted interpretive dancer, although Robin (comment #3) would say I do it anywhere and everywhere. I'm not talking Cirque du Soleil style, though. More like...John Green's happy dance.

  4. Yay! It works and your puppies are adorable!