Jan 14, 2010

As a nerd suffering from ADHD and writer's block...

...I decided to try a little exercise.  It was actually quite fun.

Without looking at anything in particular, I sounded out words and wrote down the ones I like the sound of.  I made a list of a hundred and it actually inspired some ideas and rekindled my fervor for some abandoned projects, because I was able to think of new ways to express a situation, which is usually why I abandon a WIP.

Another thing I learned from this little exercise is that I really like words with the "k" sound, like October, and words with "r": retribution, dirigible, albatross, arbitrary, nourishment, and Thursday.  Apparently, I am an "l" person too.

I had intended to post my whole list, but after typing it up, I realized, no one would want to read this.

So here are some pics of our icicles on the pack patio that are finally shrinking.


  1. I love writing exercises. And that one sounds different than most. Maybe I'll try it. Thanks for the share.

    Also, nice icicles. They seem inspiring as well.

    Also which did you read first Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska?

  2. I read in order of publication: LFA, An Abundance..., and then PT. I have recommended to others to read PT first, then An Abundance..., then LFA.

    Though I love all JG's books, LFA stands above the others.

  3. I interviewed J Green at some point. I'll have to find the interview and send it to you, but I have to tell you, I am horrible at finding things.

    The icicles outside your house look deadly...reminds me of theones outside my mom's home. You park your car and run for it, because the icicles hang right over where you get out of the car.

    I like your words.

  4. That looks like an old fashioned Ice Dam!

  5. Anita - I am vehemently sending...power, The Force, messages...your way, find it!

    December - It is a damned old-fashioned ice dam! It making the window to the right of the icicles leak, the window to the office! Imagine over coming writer's block to, "drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip..."

    Also, I was thinking about the signs on the sidewalks in big cities that say, "Watch for falling ice". I mean, really.

  6. Dame you got a lot of snow! I thought Canada was bad!

  7. You think that's a lot of snow, that is after our second thaw! We get 100 inches a year baby! We are behind a bit this year.