Jan 30, 2010

Something About Me Saturday (SAMS) - I'm a sucker for creativity

For my first SAMS, I am going to tell you a few odd things about me.

1. I am a sucker for shear creativity.

2. I cannot dance...literally.  I suppose I can interpretive dance.  But this butt isn't doing no crumping.

3. I am obsessed with peanut butter and Keira Knightly.

4. Glitter.

5. WIBIJ?!  Are you ready for it?

If I totally bored you to death, then use the next six days as an opportunity for me to answer your questions to ask me questions.  Ask me anything, I will answer them all the following Saturday.

Also, did you carefully read my site disclaimer up top?

EDIT: I feel like you should know a few more odd things about me
-I have a crazy craving for veal right now.
-One nostril is runny, the other is super dry, so what drug do you take for that?
-Angry Arthur is my favorite book from my childhood, but I think it's out of print.
-*TMI Alert* According to Joe Borgenicht's What NOT to Name Your Baby, the name Tucomah means a premature ejaculator.  That's my legal first name, but I go by Jonathon.  My middle name is associate with another bodily fluid: vomit.  
*Don't say I didn't warn ya.*


  1. Jon--I did read the instructions up there, and the disclaimor--I feel like you cracked the whip, but in a nice, off to the side manner. I bow to you, my liege.

    I love peanut butter two. Best wrapped in chocolate. Thank goodness for Valentine's Day--It's nice to have a national excuse to eat peanut butter and other things encased in chocolate.

    So, I will tell you something about myself, since it is SAMS. I think I can dance (I'm probably wrong about that--I'm not planning on posting anything on youtube--although Kelly rocked it out) and I love to dance, so sorry to all those people who have to watch me (mostly just my kids these days), but I'm not stopping...

    Ironic word veri: inert

  2. I like two peanut butter, I like three peanut butter, I like peanut butter four. Why do I feel like I must point out my typos?

  3. I'm all about this new ipad! Must go try it out.

    And your creative photos rocked!

  4. Where have I been these last couple mornings? I am getting ready for WIBIJ. All of a sudden, I have a craving for peanut butter and pride and prejudice, but not that one with Colin Firth, the shorter more recent one.

    My favorite snack is a banana, split down the middle the long way with peanut butter all over it and dark chocolate broken on the top. Very delicious and good after a run especially if you sprinkle it with a little Kosher salt.

  5. I'm actually more of a honey person. Never liked peanut butter. But honey goes good on toast with cheese.

  6. Who doesn't like peanut butter?

    I love the redneck mansion. I wonder where it is. I'll bet the other rednecks hate the uppity mansion dwellers. Maybe they'll give tours someday, like other famous mansions that become museums.

    Since I'm new here I have to ask - what is WIBIJ?

  7. Heather - Anita told Tina, Tina told me, "Never worry about typos." We may be writers here, but we tired, crabby, blogging writers, and sometimes sacrifices need to be made. Sorry, semicolon. Oh, Kelly's dance totally inspired that!

    Katie - Thanks for the compliment.

    Tina - Exactly on the Keira version of P&P. Not to be rude, but I just want to make it clear, so that you don't try serving it to me one day, your snack makes me want to vomit and then crump.

    TLJ - Honey and I have an on-again, off-again relationship. I like honey on PB in a sandwich, but that's about it. OH and with cornbread.

    Matt - Besides people that are allergic, only weirdos don't like peanut butter. Just kidding, not. Okay, I am. My sister hates PB, which is sooo weird to me because my other two sisters and I eat it right out of the jar.

    I'll give you one guess on the redneck mansion locale...it's below the Mason-Dixon.

    WIBIJ? Who said anything about WIBIJ? (Shhhh TINA!)

    Thanks for stopping by, you'll feel at home in no time.

  8. WIBIJ updates will be available soonish.

  9. Hey! Just for that I'm serving you up onions when you come over. Everyone else gets green, delicate leaves of butter lettuce.

  10. Just as long as it's sauteed onions with fired potatoes. I like onions that way!

  11. Mmmmm, peanut butter. I prefer it Reese's style but sometimes I just grab a spoon and eat it!
    Heather and I may have to teach you to dance one day.

  12. If your offering, Kelly, I'd take dance lessons too.

  13. Dance lessons for all!
    You all do like to polka don't you?

  14. I'd get psyched about the polka! The rest of the dancing techniques and styles, not so much.