Jan 21, 2010

Shiver - finally finished

I cannot believe I am about to tell you this, but...this book made me ball like a heartbroken sucker.

I was determined to not care for this book, and at first, I didn't.  The first two hundred pages went by slowly.  It wasn't as though I had to work for the book, but my reading didn't flow, like it usually does.  I sort of staggered through the pages, not even ending a session of reading along the parameters of chapters.  I would just set the book down and let it sit for twelve hours.

I may not have consumed the first half of the book, but the middle was like a meal I never wanted to end.  The action picked up and the incline of the plot drove me crazy.  This all came crashing down on me as I read the last fifty pages in a flurry, demanding to know the end, yet never really wanting to get there.

Maggie made me do something I don't like to do: care.

I did not expect her writing to be so powerful.  Not only is it forceful and cohesive, it is intimate and gentle.  She touches on all the right things and you feel whole afterward.

The ending of the book didn't surprise me, but it turned me into a Greek fountain pouring from the eyes, and that's impressive to me.

Edit: 1-22-2010
I forgot to mention that as I was reading the book, I thought the blue ink was pretentious. In fact, it drove me crazy for a bit, but as I logged in to my blog to write my thoughts on the book, my black and white 'portrait' was staring back at me.  Now who's pretentious?

Damn, now I have to wait for this:
 July 20...

I entered Steph Bowe's Win a Paranormal Book Pack contest, you should too, even if it lessens my chances.  See, I can be nice.  Her blog is super neat-o, anyway, so head on over there.


  1. LOL! I agree with the first 200 pages, but the ending hooked metoo. : )

  2. Shiver just arrived in the mail yesterday... I'm so excited to read it!

  3. Okay, I've wanted to read Shiver for a while now. I'm number 13 at the library. But I might have to buy it now after your review!

  4. Good to hear! I have it on my nightstand to read pile!

  5. I really need to pick up this book. Yours is like the third review I read this week (all positive). And it really made you ball? Yep, definitely got to get it now:)

  6. Kim - I am hooked like a fish that wants to be caught, fried, and served at Red Lobster.

    Mar, Elana, Kelly, Melissa, Jenn - I am seriously disappointed in you for not having read Shiver yet. Okay, I'm not, but I can tell you that you will be disappointed that you waited for so long.

  7. Hey, Jon! Wonderful post! LOVE how you are so honest to admit being a bawl baby! ;)

    Thank you for the contest heads-up and for following my blog. I saw that you left a comment on my latest post. I forgot to mention the contest I am holding. Sorry. :(

  8. Elizabeth - Don't be sorry, I already entered!

  9. I told ya! I personally loved the blue ink. Pretentious? Maybe, but fitting and quite pretty.

    Then again, I'm the guy that wishes all of his crime paperbacks would have yellowed pages that smell like bourbon and unfulfilled chances gone horribly wrong.

  10. Kris, you could always personalize them.

  11. Jon: I absolutely loved "Shiver." I cannot wait until "Linger" comes out in July. :)