Jan 14, 2010

I want a signed copy of The Maze Runner!!

Jenn Johannson has a pretty sweet contest going on at her blog in honor of reaching 100 followers.

She's going to let the winner of her contest choose any author who will be attending the Life, the Universe, and Everything conference (LTUE) and she will get their book and have it autographed.  How super is that?!  The winner will be announced on Monday, January 18.

Also, she has fun ways of getting extra entries!

BTW, I found the link for Jenn's blog from another pretty cool one, http://mehlane.blogspot.com/

Also, I have been using the word also a lot...


  1. I need to put Maze Runner on my library queue.

    You confirmed my theory that whatever you read first of J.G.'s is your favorite(I don't have a very good sample yet). I read Paper Towns first and totally enjoyed it. It doesn't really matter. John Green has serious writing skills and I'm envious.

  2. JG is just brilliant, It's why I love him and why I hate him. I sit there for hours trying to come up with a story and all I can think about are his stories and tangible characters.

    Paper Towns is great, but have you read Looking for Alaska? It takes YA to a whole new level for me.

  3. BTW, I have a poorly written review of The Maze Runner from a few weeks ago. It contains a few spoilers, but I am interested to see how our thoughts compare when you are finished.