Jan 24, 2010

Wow, I'm over the hill!

Today, I made it to forty followers.  That's thirty-seven in two weeks.  Thanks guys!
(Maybe by this time next year I can be in Moses years.)

I would also like to thank the puppies, who, I imagine, gained me at least ten fans.  I would also like to thank Maggie Stiefvater, Sherman Alexie, and Suzanne Collins, without whose books would have given me only myself to talk about.

These past two weeks have been wild; full of advice and encouragement.  I like you all.

If you're new here and you'd like to make me feel even more über special, then you could read through my archives.  There aren't very many, but some of the early ones are threatening to call Child Services, citing neglect.  Something's I just can't control, but I told them I'd give them a shout out.

Saturday, my two best friends, Raina and Brittany, visited me and we went to the beach and made cupcakes.

At the Ludington State Park (Michigan's #1 State Park, not making it up!)  Raina is always following in other people's footsteps, especially the weird ones.

Apparently Britt and I have never made it passed the oral fixation stage.  (Hi, the format god was being a betch.)


  1. Cute pictures =]

    And congrats on the new followers. That's an insane amount in 2 weeks. I'm jealous. LOL!

  2. Well, we all know good stuff when we see it. And, we tend to be lemmings, here on the internet. One lemming finds a good blog to jump off of, and we all follow suit. Thanks for the fun!

  3. So fun to see you in real life. And wow, it looks as cold in Michigan as it does in Utah. Maybe more. Don't you just hate winter?

  4. Nat - Thanks!

    HK - I like lemmings!

    Elana - Well, it was 40* in that picture, fifteen degrees about average, hence why we went to the beach. Ha. We actually got rain yesterday! It was a freaky weather day.

  5. Oh an yes, Elana, I typically hate winter.

  6. I love winter. It rained here. Now we got ice. So fun. And I also love a blogger who jumps right in mixing things up. I'm also good with being a lemming. You make it fun.

  7. Grats on the following, Jon! You post good schnuff on here, so it’s no wonder that your fanbase is expanding. I was just happy to go from 0 to 4 last week. :) Slow and steady, I guess!

    And to the other Utah/Michigan/cold state peeps, I’m not a big winter fan either. Although the snow this last week was great for clearing out the “worst air in the United States,” so I guess I should be grateful. Nah, better to complain. :)

  8. 37 in 2 weeks!?!!
    YOWZA! I need to put more puppy pics on my blog! :) Congrats!