Jan 22, 2010

Future Friday

Future Fridays will be all about the future, the present, and occasionally, the past.

Today, I am discussing my job hunt, or the lack there of.

I made a mistake and used the fact that Michigan's economy sucks as an excuse to not go looking for a second job.  Well, even though the economy sucks, apparently people are, or were, still hiring.  Totally missed that bandwagon.  Dollar General is opening a new store five miles from my house, in the neighboring town and they were hiring temporary people to move the shelves and organize product.  I love doing that kind of work!  Well, of course, I didn't inquiry about positions until it was too late.  I called today and asked if they were still hiring, the employee on the other line said this, "We already did that."  I thanked her and hung up, maybe I didn't miss out after all.
Two months ago, (you can laugh, it's okay), I tried applying to Wal-Mart.  This is one of the hardest things I have ever done because I have literally only been to Wal-Mart about ten times in my life.  I hate it there, but the pocket book rules and they were hiring for nighttime stockers.  How perfect for me.  So, I went online and took their pre-employment assessment test.  Hi, I failed.
Apparently, you are supposed to not provide good customer service, because I answered the questions based on my seven years of experience in retail, for four of which I was a manager at Pier 1 Imports.  I laughed my ass off for ten minutes and then, I fumed.  So, Wal-Mart's out, Dollar General is out...all the other crap jobs are held by high schoolers, whom were in elementary when I was in hs...
Moral of the story, I suck.

I can say this, however: I have gotten a lot out of the time I spent without a second job and without looking for one.
1. I have written over 100,000 words and started over thirty writing projects, three of which are complete, two are near the revision stage.
2. I have started blogging, where I try and keep my complaining to the weather and reading related trials and tribulations, but I couldn't help myself today.
3. Due to part one of #2, I have learned so much about the process from idea to publication, that my head is literally swollen with information and advice.  I am about to release the pressure onto a series of Word documents.
4. I have been able to chillax a lot and clear my head, assuming I pushed the empty wallet out of my mind
5. Epiphanies have been increasing in frequency and, therefore, my writing is becoming more profound and well-rounded.
6. I am finally excited, ecstatic, and ├╝ber pumped about something: writing!  

After years of indifference and excuses, I have settled, no, not settled, I have found the thing for me!  I may not be a talented or a properly educated writer, but I have a damn good imagination, one that will get me far.  I am milking that baby like a heifer from Wisconsin and she is giving me the goods.  We've got at least ten more years on us, which is like fifty in human years, right?

So, new moral of the story: don't suck anymore.

Of course, I will still be looking for another job, to please my bank and wallet.  The majority of my energy and time will be spent on making up for my affinity for typos and using commas around because (I have no idea why I do that, bad me).

Okay, wow, sorry for that pile on, but my brain feels so much better.  Damn Maggie Steifvater and Shiver, she got me all worked up and now I'm on a role.  Thank goodness I am currently reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, which gives me a -12 ass, since that's how many times I have laughed it off.  Oh, and I am only on page thirty-five.

Here's a puppy picture for those that keep coming here for them.  We only have six left, three went home yesterday.
Never mind, the camera batteries keep dying and we are out of new ones...yay.

I am putting this puppy pic from earlier up, but it is sideways, I cannot get it to turn, don't ask, it's the best I got. ;)


  1. I laughed a lot while reading, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, as well. Have faith--an opportunity will come along. And until it does, you have us to complain to! This sounds like a good feature to have on fridays, and I'm hoping that your WTF Wednesdays will continue as well.

    Today, I got lots of writing done, but also lots of Wii. I'm not sure that makes me a good mom (kids home sick). Oh, well. You can't win them all. (Although pretty soon, I will be able to WIN THEM ALL on Mario Kart. just sayin')

  2. Bills and money...ugh. If it were'nt for those two thing I would sit happily at home writing all the time.

    Good luck!

  3. Yay for writing epiphanies!

    Job hunting sucks. Hang in there!

  4. Good luck with your job hunt. I am with you with failing the preemployment interview at Walmart. When I was 18, I was an honors student, basically a good kid, and I failed the interview. I still to this day don't know how I failed it! Maybe I was too brutally honest!

  5. Heather - WTF? Wednesdays are sure to stay, thanks for the feedback!

    Kim - I think Wal-Mart wants people that are sort of the reason I hate going there, people who don't like to help you. I do know a few people who work there, but one is a pharmacist, so that doesn't count and the other works overnight stocking, so again, not customer service oriented. I am sticking with the 'we are too good for them' notion.

    Everyone else - Thanks, I will try harder and keep your words of encouragement in mind.

  6. Aww I'm sorry about the lack of job findingness (yeah, it's a word, so shh).

    "I am milking that baby like a heifer from Wisconsin and she is giving me the goods. We've got at least ten more years on us, which is like fifty in human years, right?" -- This had me choking on my water I was laughing so hard! If you put this sort of humour into your stories, you're golden.

  7. Aww man, I was hoping for puppies!

    I worked the Wal-Mart midnights for years. It's the only job there worth anything, but they dont want you to help customers nor will they take care of you, I'd rather be broke.

  8. It's sad that life gets in the way of writing, huh? That's awesome that you've been able to write so much, though. I'd love to have 100k words under my belt. Someday...

    Best of luck in the job hunt, Jon! Be sure to keep us posted.

  9. I laughed at "We already did that."

  10. I love the advice: Don't suck anymore.

    And good luck with the job hunt. I know it's taxing. But so is revising, so maybe it's like the same thing...

  11. If that's complaining, you do it funny. And it is nice to know what is going on in someone elses' world. And don't have to worry about commas and typos, as far as I'm concerned. Anita said that to me once and it felt good. And more power to the words, those are envy inspiring. And, as far as the future is concerned, I hope you get what you want, but if you can't, at least you get what you need.

  12. I've been avoiding finding a part-time job, so I hear ya on this. I would much rather keep doing what I'm doing and stay home and try and write. I'm on medical leave right now, so I get a bit of money every month, but once the baby comes I might have to find something to pay for those diapers everything else that babies need.

    For now, I try not to think about it.

    I think Wal-Mart turned me down as well back when I first graduated high school, and I was an honour student. Who needs 'em, right? Well, I still might buy my baby diapers there :)

  13. Job hunting is the worst, but your list of some of the positives that have come out of it is a great one - 100,000 words, new bloggy friends...what more could you ask for? (um, besides a regular paycheck) LOL!! :)

    You're killing me with those precious puppies!

  14. What is your first job?

    I think it's probably good that you didn't get on at Wal-mart if you don't like it, and the Dollar General people always seem unhappy.

  15. If you think about it, I didn't pass the pre-employment profile questions at the place where you currently work...

  16. *Anyone who wanted to see puppies, I totally put a sub-par picture up for you.*

    Nat - You liked that? Good, because it took me ten minutes of research to find out if heifers really gave milk and by then, the novelty had worn off. So glad you did!

    Kris - "I'd rather be broke." May I not take your advice? Will you be offended?

    Brandon - Thanks!

    Elana - It is so not the same thing! You goof. It may be tedious, nerve-racking, and bloody, but it is way different. There is always an end result to be proud of with revising.

    Tina Lee - Thanks for that, commas used to be my friend until they told us we didn't need to put them before the 'and' in a series, I never broke the habit and I blame commas, they should have picketed for their rights or something.

    Morgan - I forgive you for potentially buying diapers there, but remember, buying local is always the best for you and your baby.

    Shannon - You're right, there isn't much more to ask for...I'll now avoid trying: an endless supply of peanut butter, Spring, a Capitol One check for a million dollars.

    Kate - Thanks!

    Anita - The Movie Gallery, hi, it sucks. I'd love to be Dollar General's first perky employee. just sayin'.

    Robin - Um, what do I say to that? You may have failed the preemployment test for my current job, but you have far exceeded that with your degrees. I love ya, man. Please don't come into my work in three months with your masters in hand and say, "I failed your test five years ago, now who's failing?"

  17. Jonathon--Just keep looking, the right job will show up. If you have access to a dairy cow in Wisconsin, you could write a NF piece. :)

    Best wishes!

  18. Job hunting sucks. It's like querying, only instead of querying agents, you're querying the entire world. Those 100,000 words will serve you far better than any job at Wal-Mart or Dollar General. Unfortunately they won't put food on the table - at least not this week. But life is all about priorities, isn't it?

    LOVE the puppies!

  19. Sharon - There is always that, thanks for the silver lining.

    VR - Too true! Thanks, THE puppy, Belle, and I had some quality time this morning while I read, it certainly lifted my spirits.

  20. That WOULD be awesome to be their first perky employee...I can totally see you on TV for that one...a whole news crew goes in 'cause they're like, "Dudes, there is a HAPPY person at Dollar General. You've got see this."