Jan 18, 2010

Me: out on a limb

I am going out on a limb here (think Charlie Brown's Christmas tree) and posting one of my picture book manuscript to a critique blog.  Critxchange is a branch off The Public Query Slushpile, which has helped authors firm up their query letters for almost a year.

The new operation runs much the same: you submit the criteria of your manuscript and critiquers will contact you directly via your desired location.  The feedback will also be directly between you, the author, and your beta readers.

I am the first writer to submit a request for critique and I am excited/freaked out.  I really do look forward to what will come.  If you would like to give me feedback, follow the critxchange link.

Also, I have "Obladi Oblada" stuck in my head, thanks Paul McCartney for the happiness!

Also, HEAT WAVE!  It is currently thirty-six degrees out, the hottest day in two months, yippee!


  1. Jon--I checked it out, and am giving my feedback here--since I really don't feel that I know enough about the writing that goes into PBs to do a full critique.

    But, I enjoy the premise, and could picture that little balloon having its "ups and downs". ;-)

    It instantly reminded me of that Lamorisse movie--the RED BALLOON--which I loved.

    My son once let go of a balloon when he was little, and absolutely REFUSED to ever accept another balloon again. (After watching it float away...) It's funny what can be super tough for a child. This would have been a good book to read to him after the balloon incident.

  2. I'm assuming a picture book manuscript. I have no expertise there. And to be honest those books of few words scare me. I think you have to have serious skills to write them--and I'm sure you do. Now on the other hand, YA. I'm opinionated as heck on and I'm pretty sure that what you need is endurance (maybe other things too). So, let me know when you want YA critiqued.

    Good luck. I recognize that out on a limb feeling.

  3. I just stumbled upon the critxchange for the first time today. Still going back-and-forth about posting myself, so kudos to you!

    Now, I've never actually critted a PB before (and I haven't read one since childhood), so I doubt I'm much help. But I adore the concept of the balloon as the MC. Absolute best of luck in finding a good critique partner!

  4. Thanks for sharing the site info! Me thinks it will come in handy one day (that is if I ever stop Twittering long enough to write).

    Good luck!

  5. Heat wave! Woot!

    And I saw that on the Public Query Slushpile blog. Good luck!

  6. Jon--Have you tried Verla Kay's blue boards for critique partners? I LOVE that place. For all things kitlit.

  7. Hk and TL - Thanks, YA update shortly, I hope. Thanks for the other resource recommendation, Heather.

    jj - You should definitely post your work there, or to any other critical venue. I went through the same motions, of whether to post or not, but ultimately, I need objective feedback and critxchange is new and fresh and that's what I think I need right now.

    KF and EJ - Thanks for taking interest, I love people just saying hey, it makes my day,

  8. Hi Jonathan,

    That's so cool. I'll go check it out. You can also send a PB manuscript to me any time if you want. Unlike everyone else here, I ONLY crit PBs. No expert, but just got my second PB contract.

  9. Thanks for the link:)

    And I had to laugh at the heat wave comment. Temps in the 30's are considered "too cold to go outside" around here, which we did have last week. I'm so glad it reached the 60's today.

  10. Corey - I may take you up on that in the near future, but I don't want to take time away from your hopes of scuba diving.

    Melissa - Ugh.

  11. Good luck with the critique, Jon! If I knew anything about picture books, I'd totally chime in.

    And yeah, it almost hit 40 here today. I thought about breaking out my shorts.