Jan 13, 2010

Because it's Michigan...

...and I cannot stop shivering, I have picked up Maggie Stiefvater's 'Shiver'.  Now, I have been apprehensive about this book for a while now, but I am finally jumping in.

I am on page twenty-two and so far, so goodish.  There is a serious lack of fun dialogue though.  I find myself longing to be held in Edward's arms...again.  Okay, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

We'll see if this breaks my long-running streak of loved-it's.

BTW, in "The Vast Fields of Ordinary" Nick Burd references Michigan during the winter and how beautiful it is.  He obviously visited East Michigan.  West Michigan is too buried under snow and depression to be what he meant.


  1. Shiver is on my library queue, and it has been on it for ages. So people are reading this book, at least in Minneapolis where it has got to be as cold as Michigan. Sometimes it is as beautiful as East Michigan. Sometimes not.

    I have nothing yet to say about Shiver.

  2. I keep hearing that book is REALLY good. It needs to go in my library list.

    And yes...Michigan SUCKS! LOL I'm ready for summer!

  3. PS...West Michigan might be cold, but at least it doesn't smell as bad as East Michigan!

  4. East Michigan is a bit of an industrial wasteland...so I guess we're a little luckier in WeMi. I made it past my fifty page threshold for a book I am questioning, so I am mostly committed at this point.

    My only complaint - people's thoughts are just not as interesting between two people, well, a person and a dog, er, wolf. I need some dialogue!

  5. I enjoyed Shiver. Maggie is a great writer and the design of the book is gorgeous. It is totally a chick book though.