Jan 28, 2010

Thesaurus Thursday

Being into all this alliteration between the days of the week and a quirky idea, or not so quirky, I have decided to add to my list.  The ones in bold are my additions AKA ones I have yet to do.

Solution Sunday - all about what works for me, regarding writing.
Meanie Monday - why I hate Monday and the occasional reasons why I love Monday.
Tubular Tuesday - because they both start with T, so basically the miscellaneous day of reviews and such.
wtf? Wednesday (also, vote in the comments about whether you prefer wtf? or WTF?  I am thinking lower case, but you decide.)
Thesaurus Thursday - uh, guess.
Future Friday - the personal one, where I discuss the future, the present future, and occasionally the past.
Something About Me Saturday - the one where I tell you something odd about me, per the title of my blog, things you are all just dying to know.  I can tell.  Feel free to post questions, at any time  during the week under the label SAMS, and I'll answer them during this segment.  The questions can be anything and I will answer ALL of them.

Are there any of these you find generic or overused?  Would you add anything.  Or am I just perfect?  Glitter.

Okay, so clearly, today is Thesaurus Thursday.  I think it would be fun to play with a thesaurus today.  And speaking of  overused, I recently read Scott's A Writer's Blog, which featured another blog labeling the usage words like smirk, shrug, and nod as an amateur's mistake.  Okay, well, I am fo sho an amateuo, so I don't think I can say too much in defense of those go-to words, but you, my writerly, cool, professional friends can.  Before, you get all, "Ew, smirking is for loners," and, "Shrugg-a-lugga-ding-dong," I have a request.

Thesauratize (or do you prefer thesaurutize, btw, you're choosing the household winner here.  No pressure, or anything (UUU)).  Okay, back to focus.  Thesauratize the words smirk, shrug, and nod for me.  If you'd prefer, you can whip open your thesaurus and list of the synonyms (lame), but I'd much prefer answers in your own words.  Tell me what you like to use, what you like to avoid, and what makes its way into your writing that you had no idea you overused until you Wordled your WIP.  If you haven't wordled your WIP, do it.  If you don't wanna because of the 'I'm self-conscious of my novel' aspect, just do it for fun.

Okay, so here's your assignment people (once I get to 100 followers I'll switch to minions) tell me your thoughts on 1. the alliterated days of the week (with a side nod to wtf? or WTF?) 2. Give me your synonyms to smirk, shrug, nod, and other overused words and 3. avoid getting annoyed at the over-usage of made up words in this post and the over-usage of the word usage.

(As creator of this über cheesy blog, I reserve the right to cancel any prescheduled alliterated events at any time for any reason: lameness, lack of response, scroogeness.  Of course, the day itself will go on, I have no control over that, yet.)

Also, I am currently eating the first Eskimo Pie of my life and YUM!  (It's no the morning, btw.  I frequently type up my blogs the evening before and then post in the AM.)

Also, Belle(L) and Molly(R) funsies:

And, yes that rug is so from the 70's.

If you are still reading by now, then you are the best fan ever!


  1. Best fan and first to comment:
    And also diligent when it comes to assignments.
    1. I like the alliterated days of the week. May have to copy you with scheduled events. Or am I copying Heather? I'm for lower case wtf? but perhaps capitalize the w when at the beginning of a sentence??? I don't know.
    2. how about lose the words altogether and come up with some more emoticons (UUU) okay?
    3.Not annoyed. Overjoyed.

  2. 1. I like alliteration. Even awkward, affected alliteration (which your day titles are not, use 'em!). Oh, and I personally tend to type WTF in caps, just to emphasize that I'm screaming it in your mind. :)

    2. Interesting point. Maybe smirk is overused because new writers tend to overvillify and oversimplify? So bad guys and naughty kids smirk a lot? I don't really like that word anyway. For nod, you can incline or tilt your head/chin/etc. I won't give up shrug, though. It's my thing IRL. People even say, "Oh there's that Brandon shrug." No, really, they do.

    3. I'll cut anyone who's annoyed.

  3. First, I love Eskimo pies. Second, I am a huge fan of alliteration. Third, you're going to blog SEVEN days a week? Wow, I bow down to your greatness.

  4. I was a bit sad to discover that you weren't, in fact, eating your Eskimo Pie in the morning. Although, I'm not exactly sure what an Eskimo Pie is. Can you eat it on a stick?

    I think I'll be fighting Tina later, for the lightweight (!) title of Best Fan. I'll let you know who wins (me!) Or, maybe we'll sell tickets.

    1. I like what you do with alliterated days of the week. And, since you started wtf? lowercase--since that seems to speak to you--I would continue.

    2. I can't really give up shrug. I write for middle grade. Those kids know how to shrug! But, I think it is GREAT to reach for new descriptions. And, I think it is good for your character to have her own signature movement. That's cool.

    Also--my computer's firewall won't let me wordle. It's keeping me up at night. Everyone says how awesome it is--I can see (hell--almost taste) how awesome it is, and even when I turn off the firewall, I can't use it. Urgh. *shrugging*

    3. Making up new words is not only amusing, but your right as a writer. Make up MORE.

  5. Elana Johnson took my answers - seriously. So just pretend her comment is mine, ok?! LOL! :-)

  6. I ditto Elana and Shannon's comments - wow...7 days a week!

    Also - I'm not very good at assignments, just procrastinating!

    As for the upper/lowercase WTF letters...how about you mix and match them....it somehow seems appropriate for the phrase.

  7. Tina - Make sure you take the normal spot of being the first to read my blog tomorrow.

    Brandon - Thanks, Mr. Confidence-Booster!

    Elana - That's right, bow! Okay, just teasing. Keep me humble, the evil me is very scary.

    HK - <3

    Shannon - Elana who? ;)

    Kristi - You're a genius. It is officially wTf? wEdNeSdAy!

  8. The dogs are adorable!

    And we are scared of picking theme days for our blog because I know we'll never stick to them. We like to fly by the seats of our pants over in LiLa land.

  9. Testing, testing, 1-2-3. Are comments back on?

  10. Seriously, I've been trying to comment like forever now. Where you trying to block me??? Hmmm...WTF? (J/K)

    But, when you do control the days of the week can you make everyday Saturday please???

    Thanks in advance. : )

  11. I will do my best about Saturday, although it'll lose its luster eventually...